Special and named printed collections

This directory lists and describes around 200 of the Library's special collections of printed books. Special collections - usually books from a particular library or private collector that come to us as a single collection - have been acquired since 1695. Individual collections often reflect the interests of the person who originally brought the books together. In this directory, you can read about when and how the collections were acquired, about their scope and content, and about how to access them. You can also search the directory to find collections relevant to the topics that interest you. More information about special and named printed collections

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Title Shelfmark Date created
Douglas Collection Hall.292 02/06/21
Doig Collection Doig. 02/06/21
Dieterichs Collection D.C. 02/06/21
Cuthbert Collection Cuth. 01/06/21
Cunninghame Graham Collection C. Graham. 01/06/21
Crowley Collection Crowley. 01/06/21
Creswick Collection Cres. 01/06/21
Crawford Royal Proclamations Collection Crawford.RP. 01/06/21
Crawford Reformation and Lutheran Tracts Collection Crawford.R. 01/06/21
Crawford Miscellaneous Broadsides Collection Crawford.MB. 01/06/21
Crawford Indulgences Collection Crawford.I. 01/06/21
Crawford French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Tracts Collection Crawford.FR. 01/06/21
Crawford English Tracts Collection Crawford.ET. 01/06/21
Crawford English Newspapers Collection Crawford.EN. 01/06/21
Crawford English Ballads Collection Crawford.EB. 01/06/21
Crawford de Bry Collection Crawford.DB. 01/06/21
Crawford Church Briefs Collection Crawford.CB. 01/06/21
Crawford Borghese Collection Crawford.B. 01/06/21
Crawford (Bibliotheca Lindesiana) Collections Crawford. 01/06/21
Cox Collection Cox. 01/06/21
Cowan Collection Cwn. 01/06/21
Clark Collection Clark. 01/06/21
Clan Mackay Society Collection CMS. 01/06/21
Clan Campbell Collection Clan.Cam. 01/06/21
Chinese Books Collection 6.539-6.543 01/06/21
Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Collection CIM. 01/06/21
Castle Menzies Collection C.Menzies. 01/06/21
Castle Fraser Collection C.Fras. 01/06/21
Cassidy Collection Cassidy. 01/06/21
Cambuskenneth Collection Cambusk. 01/06/21
Cain Collection Cain. 26/05/21
Bute Collection Bute. 26/05/21
Burns Begg Collection B.Begg. 26/05/21
James Brown Collection JB. 26/05/21
Iain Gordon Brown Collection IGB. 26/05/21
Borrow Collection Bor. 26/05/21
Bookplate Collection Bkpl. 26/05/21
Bookindings Collection (Special and Commissioned Bindings) Sp.B. 26/05/21
Bookbindings Collection Bdg. 26/05/21
Board of Ordnance Collection MSS.1645-1652 26/05/21
Blair Castle Collection Blair. 26/05/21
Blaikie Collection Blk. 26/05/21
Birkbeck Collection Birk. 26/05/21
Begg Collection Begg. 26/05/21
William Beattie Collection WB. 26/05/21
Arthur Beattie Collection Bea. 26/05/21
Baume Collection Bau. 26/05/21
Bartholomew Collection Bart. 26/05/21
Balmoral Collection Bal. 26/05/21
Ballantyne Collection Ballantyne. 26/05/21