James Brown Collection


James Brown Collection


A collection of 512 volumes of books and periodicals from the library of the Rev Dr James Brown (1896-1982). Originally from Midlothian, Brown was minister at the Church of Scotland parish of Colmonell, Ayrshire, from 1925 to 1962. He was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from Edinburgh University in 1955 for his scholarly work in the fields of philosophy and theology. In his spare time he collected French illustrated books from the Romantic Period of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He amassed a large collection of illustrated books from the Romantic period, as well as other examples of English and French literature in 19th-century editions. The collection also contains two lithographic stones of images done by the 19th-century French artists and book illustrators Gustave Doré and Hippolyte Pauquet.


The books have been catalogued individually and have the shelfmark 'JB.'


The collection was bequeathed to the Library by Rev Dr Brown and received in 1984.

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Through his book collecting activities Brown became friendly with the author and bookseller, Percy H Muir, of the London-based firm of Elkin Mathews, and their correspondence is now preserved in the University of Delaware Library.




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