Blair Castle Collection


Blair Castle Collection


A collection of 502 volumes, formed by Lady Evelyn Stewart Murray (1868-1940). Lady Evelyn was the youngest daughter of John Murray, the 7th Duke of Atholl and his wife Louisa. She was a collector of Scottish Gaelic folk tales and songs, and the collection consists mainly of Gaelic-language books, religious and literary works, including 19th-century editions of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, hymn-books and song-books, translations of the works of such writers as John Bunyan, Thomas Boston and Peter Grant, and a number of the Gaelic tracts published by Peter Drummond in Stirling. The collection also contains books, pamphlets and journals dealing with the other Celtic languages and societies.


The books have been catalogued individually and have the shelfmark 'Blair.'.


The collection was presented to the Library in 1958 by Iain Murray, the 10th Duke of Atholl.

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