Special and named printed collections

This directory lists and describes around 200 of the Library's special collections of printed books. Special collections - usually books from a particular library or private collector that come to us as a single collection - have been acquired since 1695. Individual collections often reflect the interests of the person who originally brought the books together. In this directory, you can read about when and how the collections were acquired, about their scope and content, and about how to access them. You can also search the directory to find collections relevant to the topics that interest you. More information about special and named printed collections

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Title Shelfmark Date created
Balfour Handel Collection BH. 26/05/21
Auld Collection Auld. 26/05/21
Astorga Collection G. 26/05/21
Aitken Collection Aitken. 26/05/21
Alva Collection Alva. 26/05/21
Allhusen Collection Aln. 26/05/21
Airlie Collection Airlie. 26/05/21
Abbotsford Collection Abbot. 19/05/21