Special and named printed collections

This directory lists and describes around 200 of the Library's special collections of printed books. Special collections - usually books from a particular library or private collector that come to us as a single collection - have been acquired since 1695. Individual collections often reflect the interests of the person who originally brought the books together. In this directory, you can read about when and how the collections were acquired, about their scope and content, and about how to access them. You can also search the directory to find collections relevant to the topics that interest you. More information about special and named printed collections

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Title Shelfmark Date created
Ritchie Calder Collection Calder. 16/07/21
Renwick Collection Ren. 16/07/21
Lyle Collection X.21.a-X.21.h. 07/07/21
Protestant Institute Collection Prot. 07/07/21
Pressler Kahan Tauchnitz Collection PKT. 07/07/21
Preshome Collection PCL. 07/07/21
Postcard Collection Pc. 07/07/21
Polish Collection (Tarnowski) Pol.T. 07/07/21
Polish Collection (Signet Library) Pol.S. 07/07/21
Polish Collection (Edinburgh) Pol.E. 07/07/21
Pilkington Jackson Collection Pilk. 07/07/21
Photographic Collection Phot. 30/06/21
Perth St Ninian's Cathedral Library Collection PSNC. 30/06/21
Penman Collection Pen. 09/06/21
Paterson Collection Pat. 09/06/21
Miller Parker Collection Park. 09/06/21
Park Collection n/a 09/06/21
Paisley Public Library Collection Pais. 09/06/21
Ouseley Elliot Collection Ous.Elliot. 09/06/21
Ossian Collection Oss. 09/06/21
Orrock Collection Orr. 09/06/21
Oliver & Boyd Collection [tbc]. 09/06/21
Oliphant Collection Ol. 09/06/21
Oban Cathedral Collection Oban. 09/06/21
Nichol Smith Collection DNS. 09/06/21
Newman Collection Newman. 09/06/21
Newhailes Collection Nha. 09/06/21
Newbattle Collection Newb. 09/06/21
Naismith Collection Nais. 09/06/21
Murray Faul Collection RM/DF. 09/06/21
Thomas Murray Collection TMurray. 09/06/21
Sir George Murray Collection Adv.MSS.46.1.1-46.1.2 09/06/21
Murdoch Henderson Collection MH. 09/06/21
Morrison Collection HM. 09/06/21
Moody Collection Moody. 09/06/21
Monro Collection Monro. 09/06/21
Moir Rare Book Collection MRB. 09/06/21
Meriden Gravure Company Collection Mer. 07/06/21
Mercier Collection Mercier. 07/06/21
McLean Collection McLean. 07/06/21
McGahey Collection McGah. 07/06/21
McDonald Collection MacD. 07/06/21
Mauclair Collection Mauclair. 07/06/21
Matheson Collection Mat. 07/06/21
Mason Collection Mas. 07/06/21
Martin Collection Mart. 07/06/21
Marischal Collection Marischal. 07/06/21
Macnaughton Collection MNA. 07/06/21
MacKinnon Collection MMK. 07/06/21
Mackie Collection Mackie. 07/06/21