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A collection of c. 260 volumes, including 35 volumes of pamphlets, selected from the library of the Scottish printer John Addison Birkbeck (d. 1971), founder of the Rathalpin Press, and received in 1971. These are mainly 20th-century works dealing with printing processes, the history of printing, lettering, type and typography; there is also manuscript material relating to the same subjects. The collection contains a number of examples of typefounders' specimens and printing trade journals, a subsidiary theme being a group of 19th- and 20th-century guide-books relating to Scotland. In addition to the books, the collection includes composing sticks, printing types, wood-engraved blocks, binders' tools, and an example of a hand type mould. Birkbeck's correspondence and papers, as well items relating to Dundee Typographical Society were also bequeathed to the Library.

Inventory of the manuscripts (Acc.5227).

Shelfmark: Birk.

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