Yule Collection


Yule Collection


A collection of 183 volumes, many of them composite volumes of pamphlets, chiefly relating to English and Scottish trials and peerage cases from the 17th to the 19th century.


The books have been catalogued individually and have the shelfmark 'Yule.'.


The collection was presented to the Library by Thomas Yule WS (1859-1940) in 1927, the books having been formerly in the library of John Whitefoord Mackenzie WS (1794-1884).

Related collections

In 1941 the Library received a bequest from Yule of 24 books and 149 pamphlets, mainly of Scottish interest, which were not kept together as a collection. Yule also bequeathed in 1941 52 volumes of manuscript material, together with 61 charters. Bound in one of the manuscript volumes was a previously unrecorded specimen of printing in the civilité type used by the 16th-century Edinburgh printer Thomas Bassandyne. The type is used in a 1575 printed letter of the Scottish Privy Council charging every parish in Scotland to support financially the printing of Alexander Arbuthnot's edition of the Bible, it was also used in Bassandyne's edition of Henryson's 'The morall fabillis of Esope ' (Edinburgh, 1571). The manuscripts are held at MSS.3134-3185, Ch.2416-2476. They are described and indexed in Volume 2 of the Library's Catalogue of manuscripts.