Social Credit Collection


Social Credit Collection


A collection of approximately 800 volumes which comprises the library of the Social Credit Secretariat, founded in 1934 by Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952). The Secretariat promotes study and debate on the subject of Social Credit, an economic theory developed by Douglas. He was born in England and trained as an engineer. During the First World War he served at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, a research facility for developing new aircraft, where he reorganized production and cost accounting. He was promoted to temporary captain in the Royal Flying Corps and soon afterwards to temporary major in 1916. During the War Douglas became increasingly dissatisfied with the conventional economic system of Britain and the huge inequalities in the distribution of wealth in British society. His ideas on Social Credit generated much debate in Britain in the early 1920s and in Canada in the 1930s. The collection includes 19th- and 20th-century works on history, politics and economics, although it consists mainly of books and pamphlets relating to the theory of Social Credit, including Douglas's own publications.


The collection is not catalogued and has not been assigned a shelfmark.


The collection was deposited in the Library in 1993 by the Social Credit Secretariat.

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