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J. and G. Cox, Glue Manufacturers, Gorgie Acc.4944
J. and R. Glen, Bagpipe Makers, Edinburgh Acc.8396
J. G. Thomson and Company, Wine Merchants, Leith Acc.9416
Jack ( ), of Blackhall, Sapper, R.E. Acc.3607
Jackson (Alan), Poet Acc.6053
Jackson (Barry), Sir Acc.9879
Jackson (Charles d'Orville Pilkington), Sculptor Acc.7445
Jackson (Charles d'Orville Pilkington), Sculptor Acc.8542
Jackson (Charles d'Orville Pilkington), Sculptor Acc.9316
Jackson (Charles d'Orville Pilkington), Sculptor Acc.9617
Jackson (Jack Tully) Acc.12537
Jackson (Jack Tully) Acc.12658
Jackson (Lionel), Eskbank Acc.6797
Jackson (Marshall), Edinburgh Acc.8437
Jackson (W. Noel) Acc.10362
Jackson Family, Craiglands, Edinburgh Acc.12219
Jackson Family, Craiglands, Edinburgh Acc.12220
Jacob (Gordon) Acc.9210
Jacob (Harry), Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers Acc.11110
Jacob (Violet), Author and Poet MSS.27411-27416
Jacobite Who's Who Acc.5820
James Ballantyne and Company Trust Acc.10270
James Connell and Sons, Fine Art Dealers, Glasgow and London Acc.7797
James Dickson, Paper Merchant, Edinburgh Acc.9500
James Glen Memorial Collection MSS.2525-2533
James IV, King of Scotland Acc.7791
James Melville's Diary Adv.MS.34.2.11
James Melville's Diary Adv.MS.34.4.15
James Melville's Diary [transcript] Wod.Qu.XIV
James Oswald's Song Book Acc.11563 [Mf.MSS.556]
James Robertson and Sons, Jewellers, Edinburgh Acc.9733
James Thin, Booksellers, Edinburgh Acc.12384
James V, King of Scotland Acc.5041
James VI and I, King of Great Britain Acc.6776
James VI and I, King of Great Britain Acc.7045
James VI and I, King of Great Britain Acc.7971
Jameson (Anna), Author Acc.8663
Jamie (Kathleen), Poet Acc.11599
Jamie (Kathleen), Poet Acc.12107
Jamie (Kathleen), Poet Acc.12183
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.7547
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.7602
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8004
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8272
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8276
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8443
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8471
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8472
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8623
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8624
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8646
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.8878
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.9159
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.9160
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.9419
Jamieson (Morley), Author Acc.9825
Jamieson (Robert Alan), Author Acc.10558
Jamieson (Robert Alan), Author Acc.10781
Jamieson (Robert Alan), Author Acc.9636
Jannetta Collection Acc.12029
Jannetta Family, Saint Andrews Acc.12029
Jardine (William), Sir, Naturalist Acc.6788
Jarvie (Gordon) Acc.13261
Jarvie (Gordon) Acc.13398
Jean Bourdichon Miniature MS.8999
Jedburgh Abbey Missal [fragment] MS.5461
Jedburgh Tract Society Acc.3261
Jeffares (Alexander Norman), Professor of English Studies, Stirling University Acc.10594
Jeffares (Alexander Norman), Professor of English Studies, Stirling University Acc.11445
Jeffares (Alexander Norman), Professor of English Studies, Stirling University Acc.12551
Jeffares (Alexander Norman), Professor of English Studies, Stirling University Acc.9271
Jeffrey (Francis), Lord Jeffrey Acc.11099
Jeffrey (Francis), Lord Jeffrey Acc.8705
Jeffrey (Francis), Lord Jeffrey MS.24761
Jeffrey (Francis), Lord Jeffrey MSS.23220-23228
Jeffrey (William), Author MSS.26895-26899
Jenkins (Robin) Acc.12645
Jenny Billingham's Recipe Book Acc.13224
John Alexander Cameron Piobaireachd Material Acc.13535
John Bartholomew and Sons, Cartographers Acc.10222
John Bartholomew and Sons, Cartographers Acc.10222
John Bartholomew and Sons, Cartographers Acc.13453
John de Grimestone's Commonplace Book Adv.MS.18.7.21
John Grant, Booksellers, Edinburgh Acc.10406
John Grant, Booksellers, Edinburgh Acc.5024
John Grant, Booksellers, Edinburgh Acc.9751
John Maclean's Journal Acc.11241
John Murray Archive Acc.12604
John Murray Archive Acc.12927
John Murray Archive Acc.13236
John Murray Archive Acc.13328
John Murray Archive card index Acc.12617 [Mf.MSS.597-608]
John of Ireland's `Mirror of Wisdom' Adv.MS.18.2.8
John Smith and Son (Glasgow), Ltd. Acc.11253
John Smith's Pibroch Manuscript Acc.12563
Johnson (David), Musician Acc.10303
Johnston (A. Keith) Acc.11969
Johnston (Archibald), Sir, Lord Warriston, Senator of the College of Justice MSS.6247-6259
Johnston (David Russell), Lord Russell-Johnston of Minginish Acc.11682
Johnston (Edward), Calligrapher MSS.21398-21399
Johnston (Edward), Calligrapher MSS.21398-21399
Johnston (George Pyper), Bibliographer Acc.10637
Johnston (George Pyper), Bibliographer Acc.10828
Johnston (George Pyper), Bibliographer Acc.10829
Johnston (George Pyper), Bibliographer Acc.8917
Johnston (George Pyper), Bibliographer Acc.9665
Johnston (Thomas), Statesman Acc.5862
Johnston (Walter), Merchant and writer, Mid-Calder Acc.9836
Johnston (William T.), Antiquarian Acc.10834
Johnston (William T.), Antiquarian Acc.11781
Johnston of Coubister Acc.4065
Johnstone (Andrew James Cochrane) Acc.8967
Johnstone (Doug), author (b. 1970) Acc.13618
Johnstone (Doug), author (b.1970) Acc.12999
Johnstone (Doug), author (b.1970) Acc.12999
Johnstone (Doug), author (b.1970) Acc.13300
Johnstone (George), Bookseller, Dumfries Acc.10262
Johnstone (George), Bookseller, Dumfries Acc.8927
Johnstone (James), of Alva House Acc.8418
Johnstone (William) Acc.10100
Johnstone (William) Acc.7230
Johnstone (William) Acc.7423
Johnstone (William) Acc.7424
Johnstone (William) Acc.8183
Johnstone (William) Acc.8877
Johnstone (William) Dep.332
Jolly (Alexander), Bishop of Moray Acc.5915
Jones (E. Emrys) Acc.10537
Jones (Glyn) Acc.10914
Jones (James Idwall) Acc.11076
Jubilee 2000: Scotland Acc.11942
Justinian's Institututes Acc.7835
Justinian's Institututes Adv.MSS.10.1.4(i)-10.1.4(ii)