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Badenoch Bards Acc.11044
Bagimond's Roll [negative plates] MS.3705
Bagpipe and other music collected by George MacLennan Acc.11516
Baird (Charles), Iron Foundry, St Petersburg Acc.13204
Baird (John Logie) Acc.12724
Baker (Helen Mary), Missionary Acc.10446
Balcarres Lute Book Acc.9769/Personal papers 84/1/6
Balcarres Papers Adv.MS.16.2.3
Balcarres Papers Adv.MS.19.1.24
Balcarres Papers Adv.MSS.29.2.1-29.2.9A
Balerno Paper Mill Company Acc.12180
Balfour (Graham), Sir, Author Acc.9700
Balfour (Graham), Sir, Author MSS.9891-9911
Balfour (Harry Wyndham), Dr., Acc.11761
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.15.2.21
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.3.1.11
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.33.2.15
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.33.2.25
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.33.2.8
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.33.3.12
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MS.33.7.26
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.15.2.6-15.2.11
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.33.1.1-33.1.15
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.33.2.17-33.2.18
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.33.2.20-33.2.22
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.33.2.29-33.2.30
Balfour (James), Sir, of Denmylne Adv.MSS.33.2.38-33.2.41
Balfour of Kinross Papers Acc.10237
Balfour of Kinross Papers Acc.7638
Balfour of Kinross Papers Acc.7674
Balfour's Album Amicorum MS.16000 [Mf.Sec.MSS.519]
Ballantyne (Alexander) Acc.12639
Ballantyne (Charles K.), Secretary of the New Club, Edinburgh Acc.13342
Ballantyne (Christina Alice), Wife of John Ballantyne Acc.11558
Ballantyne (James), Printer Acc.11815
Ballantyne (John William), Physician Acc.13189
Ballantyne (R M.) Acc.12640
Ballantyne Family Acc.11961
Ballantyne of Holylee Dep.253
Balmerino Cartulary Adv.MS.34.5.3
Balmerino Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.33.2.5
Balmerino Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.35.3.13
Balmerino Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.9A.1.4
Banff Town Council Ch.7677-7697
Banff Town Council MSS.8130-8169
Bannatyne Club MSS.9356-9362
Bannatyne Manuscript Adv.MS.1.1.6
Bannerman (Alexander), Sir, 7th Bart., of Elsick MSS.1685-1691
Bannerman (Alexander), Sir, 9th Bart., of Elsick Acc.13494
Bannerman (David Anne), Wife of Rev James Bannerman, Professor of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh Acc.6579
Bannerman (W. B.), Dr., and Mrs Helen Bannerman Dep.325
Barbour's Bruce Adv.MS.19.2.2(i)
Barclay (David Black), Lieutenant, Royal Artillery Acc.12181
Barclay (William), Professor Acc.9471
Barclay (William), Professor Acc.9472
Baring (Alexander), 1st Baron Ashburton Acc.11489
Barker (Henry Aston), Painter of Panoramas, d.1856 MSS.9647-9653
Barkly of Mount Eagle Papers Acc.9907
Barlow (William Henry), F.R.S. Acc.11263
Barnton Fire Fighting Parties Acc.4303
Barr (Jemima), Emigrant to Rhodesia Acc.13102
Barrie (James Matthew), Sir, Baronet Acc.12669
Barrie (Robert), Sir, Admiral Acc.10453
Barry (Michael), writer and producer Acc.13579
Basilikon Doron MS.3855
Basilikon Doron [photostat] MS.3544
Bassin (Rose Ethel) Acc.10536
Bassin (Rose Ethel) Acc.12740
Bassin (Rose Ethel) Acc.7040
Bassin (Rose Ethel) MSS.14910-14946
Bassin (Rose Ethel) MSS.14910-14966
Bateman (James Henry Latrobe), Epicopalian Clergyman in Glencreran Acc.13359
Baume (Louis) Acc.11022
Baxter (Charles), W.S. Acc.9977
BBC Radio Scotland: `Almost Forgotten' Acc.6155
BBC Radio Scotland: `Almost Forgotten' Acc.6761
BBC Scotland Radio 4 serial : Kilbreck Acc.13353
BBC Scottish Dep.288
Beasley (Samuel), Architect Acc.9135
Beaton Hours Dep.221/1
Beatson (Robert), Miscellaneous Writer Adv.MS.33.5.10
Beatson (Robert), Miscellaneous Writer Adv.MS.34.3.21
Beatson (Robert), Miscellaneous Writer Adv.MS.81.1.17
Beattie (William), Librarian, National Library of Scotland Acc.10019
Beattie (William), Librarian, National Library of Scotland Acc.9374
Beddow (Mark), Poet Acc.12021
Bee Society of Culross Acc.7694
Beeton (David), costume designer Acc.13431
Begg (Isabella Burns), Sister of Robert Burns, Poet Acc.11193
Begg (Isabella Burns), Sister of Robert Burns, Poet Acc.13138
Bell (Andrew), Malawi Acc.10535
Bell (James H. B.), Dr., Mountaineer Acc.9960
Bell (Richard), Author Acc.12764
Bell (William) Dep.278
Bell (William), Architect Acc.4865
Bell and Bradfute, Law Publishers, Edinburgh Acc.10662
Bell and Bradfute, Law Publishers, Edinburgh Acc.8500
Bellenden's Boece Adv.MS.33.4.15
Bellenden's Boece MS.21244
Bellenden's Boece MS.2766
Bellenden's Boece MS.3146
Bellenden's Boece MS.5288
Belles Lettres Society Adv.MS.22.3.8.
Belles Lettres Society Adv.MS.23.3.4.
Belles Lettres Society Adv.MS.5.1.6.
Bertram Family Acc.11102
Berwickshire Liberal Association Acc.6767
Bethune (Henry Lindesay), Sir, Major-General Acc.8959
Bethune (John Drinkwater) Captain Acc.12502
Bianfeidh [Deerskin] Manuscript Adv.MS.72.1.48
Bible Board For Scotland Acc.11182
Bienert (Werner), teacher and writer Acc.13593
Binney Family, Edinburgh Acc.9165
Birkbeck (John A.), Printer and Dundee Typographical Society Acc.5277
Birnie (Arthur), Lecturer in Economic History, Edinburgh University Acc.11018
Bishopric of Moray Cartulary Adv.MS.34.4.10
Bishopric of Moray Cartulary Adv.MS.34.4.9
Bishopric of Moray Cartulary [index] Adv.MS.34.3.27
Bishopric of Moray Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.34.4.12
Black (D. M.), Poet Acc.13573
Black (D. M.), Poet, Acc.10918
Black (D. M.), Poet, Acc.8864
Black (David), Prisoner of War, WWII Acc.13081
Black (Ronald), Lecturer, Department of Celtic, Edinburgh University Acc.12035
Black (William), Novelist MSS.19644-19650
Black Book of Paisley Adv.MS.35.6.8
Blackadder Prayer Book MS.10271
Blackie (John Stuart), Professor Acc.12307
Blackie (John Stuart), Professor, MSS.2621-2664
Blackwood (John R.), Magistrate, Calcutta Acc.12776
Blackwood Invoices Acc.7659
Blage Manuscript [photocopy] Acc.8703
Blaikie (Walter Biggar), Historian Ch. 61-63
Blaikie (Walter Biggar), Historian MS.3128
Blaikie (Walter Biggar), Historian MSS.278-318
Blair (William), Minister of Dunblane U.P. Church Acc.3334
Blair's College Dep.221
Blake (George), Novelist and Journalist Acc.11930
Blake (George), Novelist and Journalist Acc.4989
Blake (George), Novelist and Journalist MS.10330
Bland (Humphrey), General Acc.13346
Blantyre Mission Council Acc.9069
Blind and Disabled National League: Scottish District Council Acc.4918
Blind Hary's Wallace and Henry the Minstrel Adv.MS.19.2.2(ii) [Mf.Sec.MS.63]
Blythe (Charles), Farmer, Barberfield, Haddington Acc.11021
Blythman (Maurice), Author Acc.10830
Blythman (Maurice), Author Acc.9939
Board of Ordnance Plans MSS.1645-1651
Boarhills Lifeboat Committee, Saint Andrews Acc.8305
Boethius `De consolatione Philosophiae' Adv.MS.18.5.14
Boethius `De consolatione Philosophiae' Adv.MS.18.6.3
Boethius `De consolatione Philosophiae' MS.9247
Bogie (David Wilson), Sheriff Acc.13267
Bohun Psalter Adv.MS.18.6.5
Boileau (John Peter), Sir Acc.11390
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10374
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10529
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10593
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10716
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10760
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10964
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.10987
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.11078
Bold (Alan), Author and Artist Acc.4477
Bonar (James), Solicitor of Excise, Edinburgh Acc.6123
Bonaventure (Michael) Acc.11979
Bone (Phyliss Mary), Animal Sculptor Dep.199
Bo'ness United General Sea Box Dep.259
Bo'ness United General Sea Box Dep.260
Book of Clan Fraser MS.3070
Book of the Dean of Lismore Adv.MS.72.1.37
Book of the Dean of Lismore [transcript] Adv.MS.72.3.3
Book of the Dean of Lismore [transcript] Adv.MS.73.1.9
Book of the Dean of Lismore [transcript] Adv.MS.73.2.9
Book of the Dean of Lismore [transcript] Adv.MS.73.3.12
Booksellers' Association of Great Britain: Scottish Branch Acc.9780
Boothby (Robert John Graham), Baron Boothby Acc.12929
Border Co-operative Society Acc.4772
Borges (Jorge Luis), Poet Acc.11519
Borrow (George) Acc.12702
Borthwick (Thomas), Merchant, Secretary of the Greenock Articulation School MS.15995
Borthwick Manuscripts Acc.12059
Borthwick of Crookston Medieval Manuscripts MSS.6121-6133
Borthwick of Crookston Papers Acc.13043
Borthwick of Crookston Papers Ch.8962-8970
Borthwick of Crookston Papers MSS.10371-10491
Bottomley Family Acc.11263
Bowie (George), Musician MS.21714
Bowman (Walter), Antiquarian Acc.10717
Boyd (Alexander Stuart), Artist and Illustrator Acc.11881
Boyd (Edward) Acc.4747
Boyd Family Acc.9544
Boyes (John), Professor Acc.9009
Bradley (Philip) Acc.13206
Braehead Mountaineering Club, Braehead School, Buckhaven and Hamish Macmillan Brown, Author and Mountaineer Acc.12595
Braehead Mountaineering Club, Braehead School, Buckhaven and Hamish Macmillan Brown, Author and Mountaineer Acc.9925
Braehead School and Braehead Mountaineering Club, Buckhaven Acc.12178
Braehead School, Buckhaven Acc.11879
Braehead School, Buckhaven Acc.12295
Braithwaite (Joseph Bevan), Barrister Acc.6396
Braithwaite (Joseph Bevan), Barrister Dep.237
Braithwaite (Joseph Bevan), Barrister MSS.20317-20319
Brander (Michael), Author Acc.13520
Brechin Cathedral Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.9A.1.19
Brechin United Co-Operative Society Acc.4827
Bremner (Bruce Allen), Physician, Edinburgh MSS.19223-19236
Brewster (Sir David), Natural Philosopher Acc.13080
Britain-Russia Centre, Scotland Acc.12142
British Broadcasting Corporation Acc.7890
Broad Book (also known as the Fourteen Sixty-Seven Manuscript - 1467) Adv.MS.72.1.1
Broadsheet Acc.8845
Brodie (William), Sculptor Acc.8093
Broom (John L.) Acc.10802
Broun (John Allen), Magnetician and Meterologist Acc.10064
Brown (Alexander), Physician, Aberdeen (Medical Missionary at Livingstonia) Acc.9219
Brown (David Elliot), Playwright Acc.12781
Brown (George Douglas), Novelist Acc.6735
Brown (George Douglas), Novelist Acc.6804
Brown (George Douglas), Novelist MSS.8171-8180
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.10209
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.10372
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.10894
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.11126
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.13134
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.13229
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.13344
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.4835
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.4847
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.4864
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.5042
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.5201
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.5281
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.5326
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.5760
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.8735
Brown (George Mackay), Poet Acc.9920
Brown (George Mackay), Poet MS.21978
Brown (George), Sir, General Ch.1441-1449
Brown (George), Sir, General Ch.2478-2513
Brown (George), Sir, General Ch.923-933
Brown (George), Sir, General MSS.1847-1863
Brown (George), Sir, General MSS.2835-2878
Brown (George), Sir, General MSS.3258-3276
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.11134
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.12253
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.12688
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.12842
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.13060
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.13518
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.9762
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.9999
Brown (Hamish Macmillan), Author and Mountaineer and Braehead School, Buckhaven Acc.11088
Brown (Hamish Mamcmillan), Author and Mountaineer Acc.9801
Brown (Ian), Playwright Acc.12081
Brown (Ian), Playwright Acc.6729
Brown (Ian), Playwright Acc.7010
Brown (Ian), Playwright Acc.7679
Brown (John), Author of `Rab' Acc.6134
Brown (John), Author of `Rab' Acc.6289
Brown (John), Minister of Whitburn Burgher Church Acc.9400
Brown (Robert), Rev., of Cumnock, Ayrshire Acc.12100
Brown (Thomas Graham), Mountaineer Acc.4338
Brown (William Oliver) Acc.9178
Brown (William), Major Acc.12974
Brown of Findertie Papers Acc.11614
Browne (John Hutton Balfour), Barrister Acc.4223
Browne (John Hutton Balfour), Barrister MS.19609
Bruce (Alexander Low), Deputy Chairman of William Younger and Company Acc.11777
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.10998
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.11260
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.12040
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.12185
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.12186
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.12195
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.12215
Bruce (George), Poet Acc.6154
Bruce (George), Poet MSS.8787-8788
Bruce (James), African Traveller [microfilm] Acc.4490
Brunswick Cricket Club, Edinburgh Acc.9106
Bryan (Tom), writer Acc.12215
Bryan (Tom), writer Acc.13566
Buchan (John Norman Stuart), 2nd Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.11414
Buchan (John Norman Stuart), 2nd Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.11628
Buchan (John Norman Stuart), 2nd Baron Tweedsmuir Dep.337
Buchan (John) Acc.12736
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.10538
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.10921
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.12329
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.6542
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.7006
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.7151
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir Acc.9758
Buchan (John), 1st Baron Tweedsmuir [microfilm] Acc.7214 [Mf.MSS.303-328]
Buchan (Priscilla), Baroness Tweedsmuir Acc.11884
Buchan (Susan), Baroness Tweedsmuir Acc.6975
Buchan, Barons of Tweedsmuir, Papers Acc.11627
Buchanan (Claudius), East India Company Chaplain and Theologian Acc.13358
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MS.13.2.33
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MS.15.1.6
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MS.20.6.3
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MS.23.4.1
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MS.33.3.28
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MSS.31.1.14-31.1.15
Buchanan (George), Scholar Adv.MSS.5.1.2-5.1.3
Buchanan of Auchentoshan deeds Ch.5911-5945
Budge (Donald M.) Acc.9959
Bunting (Basil) Acc.13429
Burgess (Lawrence R.), Burma Acc.9088
Burnett (James), Lord Monboddo MSS.24501-24629
Burns (James Steven), of Kilmarnock Acc.12521
Burns (Robert), Poet Acc.10847
Burns (Robert), Poet Acc.11733
Burns (Robert), Poet Acc.13038
Burns (Robert), Poet Acc.9381
Burns (Robert), Poet MS.586
Burns Begg Family Acc.13138
Burroughs (Frederick William Traill), Sir, Lieutenant-General MSS.2234-2235
Burton (John Hill), Historian Acc.9557
Burton (John Hill), Historian Acc.9571
Burton (John Hill), Historian Acc.9572
Burton (John Hill), Historian Ch.8493-8496
Burton (John Hill), Historian MSS.9391-9446
Burton (John Hill), Historian MSS.9983-9984
Bury (C.K. Howard), Lieutenant-Colonel Acc.11359
Bute Regiam Majestatem MS.21246 [ Mf.Sec.MSS.902]
Buteshire, Kilmarnock and Ardrossan Liberal Association Acc.12089
Butlin (Ron) Acc.12923
Butlin (Ron) Acc.13400
Byres (James) Dep.184