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Haddington Burns Club Acc.13104
Haddington Burns Club Acc.9896
Haddington Manuscript Adv.MS.34.2.1
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.11838
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.3155
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7128
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7129
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7130
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7131
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7132
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7133
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7134
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7135
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7136
Haig (Douglas), Sir, Field-Marshal Acc.7137
Haig and DePree Families Acc.12263
Haig Ferguson Memorial Home Acc.6313
Haldane (A.H.R.B.) Acc.6071
Haldane (John Burdon Sanderson), Biologist MSS.20534-20655
Haldane (John Scott), Physiologist and Philosopher MSS.20510-20533
Haldane (John Scott), Physiologist and Philosopher MSS.20656
Haldane (Richard Burdon), 1st Viscount Haldane Acc.13595
Haldane Family Acc.10306
Haldane of Cloan Papers MSS.20001-20260
Haldane of Cloan Papers MSS.5901-6109
Halkett of Pitfirrane Papers Acc.11275
Halkett of Pitfirrane Papers Ch.6001-7360
Halkett of Pitfirrane Papers MSS.6406-6511
Hall (James), Advocate (adm.1821) MSS.27623-27637
Hall (James), Sir, 4th Bart., of Dunglass Acc.10065
Hall (James), Sir, 4th Bart., of Dunglass Acc.12083
Hall (Rosemary), National Organising Secretary and National Secretary of the Scottish Nationalist Party Acc.13491
Halley (Joseph Seymour) Acc.10037
Halliday (James), author, historian and SNP politician Acc.13417
Hallward (Reginald) Acc.8833
Hamilton (Frederick William), Sir, General Acc.8218
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.10748
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12411
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12412
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12413
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12793
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13405
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13440
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13448
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13448
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13588
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13652
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13665
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Dep.252
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Dep.379
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12032
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13223
Hamilton (James A. Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13244
Hamilton (James Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.12488
Hamilton (James Douglas), Lord Selkirk Acc.13551
Hamilton (James Hay) Acc.11663
Hamilton (Robert Douglas), Physician; Dickson (James Hamilton Douglas), Scientist; Dickson (John Hamilton Douglas), Physician Acc.9770
Hamilton (Robert), Professor of Divinity, Glasgow University Acc.3336
Hamilton (William H. ), Minister of Leslie and Waukmill MSS.19619-19621
Hamilton (William Winter), Labour Politician Acc.10951
Hanlin (Tom), Author MSS.27417-27425
Hannan (Thomas), Conscientous Objector Acc.13388
Hannan (William), politician, Labour MP for Glasgow Maryhill Acc.13391
Hannay-Macauslan Piobaireachd Manuscript Dep.201
Hannay-MacAuslan Piobaireachd Manuscript of Donald Macdonald Acc.11600
Harden Collection MSS.8832-8873
Hardie (James Keir), Politician Acc.8125
Hardie (James Keir), Politician Acc.8895
Hardie (James Keir), Politician MS.25274
Hardie (James Keir), Politician and Hughes (Emrys), M.P. Dep.176
Hardie (Robert Purves) Acc.9420
Harley Family, Edinburgh Acc.11939
Harriott (John), Projector and Magistrate of the Thames Police MSS.5066-5067
Harris (Ernest James], Bank Manager, Haddington Acc.13360
Harvie (Christopher T.), Professor, Tubingen Acc.11239
Harvie (Christopher T.), Professor, Tubingen Acc.9267
Hastie (Peter) Acc.12249
Hastings (Warren), Governor General of India MSS.19200-19203
Hawthorne (Harry), Solider in the Second World War Acc.12568
Hawthorne (Harry), Solider in the Second World War Acc.12791
Hay (George Campbell), Poet Acc.10047
Hay (George Campbell), Poet Acc.13211
Hay (George Campbell), Poet MSS.26721-26792
Hay of Hayfield Papers Acc.11899
Hay of Hayfield Papers Acc.3250
Hay of Yester Papers Ch.7566-7593
Hay of Yester Papers MSS.14401-14820
Hay of Yester Papers MSS.7001-7120
Haye Manuscript Acc.9253
Heart of Midlothian MS.1548 [ Mf.Sec.MSS.327]
Heelis (Beatrix), nee Potter Acc.9757
Heinrich Schliemann Albums Acc.12973
Hemans, (Felicia), Poetess Acc.13424
Henderson (David), Sir, Lieutenant-General Acc.9339
Henderson (Ebeneezer), Astronomer Acc.13166
Henderson (Ebenezer), Astronomer Acc.5581
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10157
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10327
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10528
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10552
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10616
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10627
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.10788
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.12643
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.12643
Henderson (Hamish), Poet Acc.4526
Henderson (J. Murdoch), Musician MSS.21669-21713
Henderson (William Arthur), Captain Acc.12418
Hendry (Diana), Poet and author Acc.12635
Hendry (Hamish), Poet and Author Acc.12993
Henry (William S.), 'Henry Stuart', Artist Acc.9127
Henry (William S.),`Henry Stuart', Artist Acc.6177
Henry of Huntingdon's History Adv.MSS.33.5.3-33.5.4
Henschel (George), Sir Acc.13478
Henschel (George), Sir Acc.6211
Herald Poetry Poetry Prize for the Referendum Acc.11525
Herdman (John), Dr., Author Acc.11089
Herdman (John), Dr., Author Acc.8509
Herdman (John), Dr., Author Acc.9243
Heriot's Benefit Society Acc.4274
Hermandstoun Breviary Adv.MS.18.2.13A
Herries (William Lewis), Sir, Lieutenant-General Ch.12767-12769
Herries (William Lewis), Sir, Lieutenant-General MSS.15353-15368
Higden's Polychronicon Adv.MS.33.4.12
Higgins (Peter), Licencee, Edinburgh and Portobello Acc.12853
Higgitt (John C.), Reader in Fine Art at Edinburgh University Acc.12798
Highland Society of London Papers Acc.10615
Highland Society of London Papers Dep.268
Highland Village Industrie, Kyle and Lochalsh District Committee Acc.11442
Hignett (Sean), Playwright Acc.7573
Hignett (Sean), Playwright Acc.9550
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.10053
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.9251
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.9317
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.9415
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.9473
Hildebrandt (Franz), Professor Acc.9985
Hill (David Octavius), Photographer Acc.11315
Hill (David Octavius), Photographer Acc.11782
Hill (John), Sir, R.N. Acc.12738
Hipkins (John Alfred), Engraver MSS.2919-2931
Hippisley (John Coxe), Sir, 1st Bart., MSS.21207-21208
Hirons Family Acc.12505
Hislop (Joseph), Professor Acc.12088
Hislop (Joseph), Professor Acc.7080
Hislop (Stephen), Missionary and Naturalist MSS.8957-76
Historical Association of Scotland Acc.9812
Hodge (Harry), Musician Acc.9308
Hodgkiss (Peter), Mountaineer and publisher, and the Ernest Press Acc.13445
Hogarth (Walter) Acc.12884
Hogg (James), 'the Ettrick Shepherd' Acc.13425
Hogg (Robert), Poet Acc.13164
Holden of Baldovie Papers Acc.10765
Holden of Baldovie Papers Acc.11272
Holme Cultram Abbey Cartulary Adv.MS.34.1.4
Holme Cultram Abbey Cartulary [extracts] Adv.MS.20.3.7
Holms (William), M.P. for Paisley Acc.8449
Holt (Alec Horace Edward Litton), Major, R.E. Acc.8756
Holyrood Abbey Calendar [fragment] MS.5048
Holyroodhouse Archive Acc.13354
Holyroodhouse Archive Dep.368
Holyroodhouse Ordinale [microfilm] Acc.9842 [Mf.MSS.485]
Home (Alexander Milne), Sir, Admiral of the Fleet Acc.7467
Home (James Archibald), Hon., Barrister at Law Acc.6199
Home (William Douglas), Hon., Playwright Acc.10813
Home (William Douglas), Hon., Playwright Acc.11222
Home (William Douglas), Hon., Playwright Acc.9406
Home (William Douglas), Hon., Playwright Acc.9807
Home Guard MSS.3816-3822
Home of Whitfield and Ninewells Papers Acc.6976
Honeyman (Thomas John), Dr. Acc.11161
Honeyman (Thomas John), Dr. Acc.11290
Honeyman (Thomas John), Dr. Acc.9787
Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers Acc.11208
Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers Acc.12739
Hood (Janet), nee MacArthur Acc.12205
Hope (James Arthur David), Baron Hope of Craighead, judge Acc.13568
Hope (John), Sir, 11th Bart., of Craighall and Pinkie Acc.13030
Hopkinson (Cecil), Musician Acc.9732
Hopkinson (Cecil), Musician MSS.3428-3429
Horne (Robert Stevenson), Viscount Horne of Slamannan Acc.8214
Horner (Leonard), Geologist MSS.2213-2222
Horsman (Katie), Potter Acc.11787
Hotch Potch Club, Glasgow Acc.11280
Howard (Pamela), Professor Acc.12953
Howdle (Jack), Currie Acc.10333
Hownam and Border Angling Club Acc.11492
Hudson (Sean), Playwright Acc.11645
Hudson Memorial Library of Books on America Acc.11462
Hughes (H. C.) Acc.3400
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.10791
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.10805
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.10860
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.11927
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.12574
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.7509
Hume (David), Philosopher Acc.9254
Hume (David), Philosopher MSS.23151-23164
Hume (Joseph), M.P. Acc.11638
Hume (Joseph), M.P. Acc.7469
Hume (Joseph), M.P. Acc.9142
Hume (Joseph), M.P. MS.20312
Hume Family Music Collection Acc.11764
Hume Family, of Ninewells Acc.5057
Hume of Graden Papers Acc.6695
Hunter Family Acc.11102
Hunter Family, in Soutra Mains Acc.8275
Hunter Family, of Blackness, Merchants, Dundee Acc.8235
Hunter of Glencarse Papers MSS.19711-19733
Hurst Robinson, Publishers Acc.12462
Hutchison (Alexander), Poet Acc.10158
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.12841
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.13412
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.4775
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.5509
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.8138
Hutchison (Isobel Wylie), Traveller Acc.9713
Hutchison (William Oliphant), Sir, Painter Acc.5589
Hutchison (William Oliphant), Sir, Painter Acc.6898
Hutton (James), Geologist MSS.23165-23166
Hutton Correspondence Adv.MSS 29.4.2i-29.4.2xiii
Hutton Drawings Adv.Mss.30.5.22-30.5.23
Hutton Notebooks Adv.MSS.30.5.1-30.5.21
Hutton Notebooks Adv.MSS.30.5.24-30.5.28
Hutton Transcripts Adv.MS.22.1.13
Hutton Transcripts Adv.MS.33.4.17
Hutton Transcripts Adv.MSS.20.3.1-20.3.9
Hutton Transcripts Adv.MSS.22.1.1-22.1.4
Hutton Transcripts Adv.MSS.9A.1.1-9A.1.20
Hyslop (A. F.), Dr., Musician Acc.9543