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Cabinet and Chairmakers' Societies Acc.5436
Cabinetmakers' and Furnishing Trades' Societies Acc.4056
Caddy (Peter) and (Eileen), Founders of the Findhorn Foundation Acc.12042
Cadell (Colin Simson), Air Commodore Acc.13280
Cadell (Francis Campbell Boileau), Artist Acc.11224
Cadell (Robert), Publisher Acc.13275
Cadell (Robert), Publisher MS.15980
Cadell (Robert), Publisher MSS.21001-21069
Cadell (Robert), Publisher MSS.742-745
Cadell (Robert), Publisher MSS.789-803
Cadell (Robert), Publisher [microfilm] Acc.5535 [Mf.MSS.178]
Cadell of Grange Papers Acc.5381
Caie (John Morrison), Poet MSS.9889-9890
Caimbeal (Aonghas P.) Acc.12472
Caird (James B.) Acc.10193
Caird (James B.) Acc.11108
Caird (Janet) Acc.11109
Caird (Janet) Acc.13485
Cairns (David), Rev., Professor Acc.6786
Cairns (David), Rev., Professor Acc.6787
Cairns (David), Rev., Professor Acc.6828
Cairns (David), Rev., Professor Acc.6835
Cairns (David), Rev., Professor Acc.9326
Cairns (Joyce Gunn) Acc.12064
Cairns (Joyce Gunn) Acc.12582
Cairns (Joyce Gunn) Acc.12860
Cairns (Joyce Gunn) Acc.13395
Cairns Family Acc.5932
Cairns Family Acc.5944
Cairns Family Acc.5947
Cairns Family Acc.6619
Cairns Family Acc.6825
Cairns Family Acc.6826
Cairns Family Acc.7275
Cairns Family, Edinburgh Acc.10584
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.10468
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.11312
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.11675
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.11794
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.12378
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.9851
Calder (Angus), Writer Acc.9909
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Acc.10318
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Acc.12498
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Acc.12533
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Acc.12799
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Acc.12799
Calder (Peter Ritchie), Baron Ritchie-Calder Dep.370
Calder Family, Criech Acc.9000
Calendar of Fearn Abbey Dep.314/18
Callendar and Linlithgow Papers Ch.8501-8890
Callendar and Linlithgow Papers MSS.9635-9639
Calligraphic works Acc.11386
Camanachd Association Acc.11384
Cambuskenneth Abbey Cartulary Adv.MS.34.1.2
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher Acc.3255
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher Acc.6065
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher Acc.6066
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher Acc.6255
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher MS.21399
Cameron (David Young), Sir, Painter and Etcher, and Kay (Katherine Cameron), Artist Acc.8950
Cameron (Morven) Acc.11347
Cameron (Una), Mountaineer Acc.10384
Cameron (Una), Mountaineer Acc.10480
Cameron (Una), Mountaineer Acc.12651
Cameron (Vernay Lovett), Explorer Acc.10120
Cameron (Vernay Lovett), Explorer Acc.10499
Cameron (Vernay Lovett), Explorer Acc.7153
Cameron of Fassiefern Papers Acc.11137
Cameron of Fassiefern Papers Acc.11910
Cameron of Fassiefern Papers Acc.12341
Cameron of Fassiefern Papers Acc.12770
Cameron of Fassiefern Papers Acc.9174
Campbell (Donald), Playwright Acc.10606
Campbell (Donald), Playwright Acc.7650
Campbell (Duncan), Piper (d.1860) Acc.2231
Campbell (Duncan), Piper (d.1860) Acc.9396
Campbell (Duncan), Piper (d.1860) MS.14883
Campbell (George), 8th Duke of Argyll Acc.9209
Campbell (George), Sir, of Edenwood (1824-1892) Acc.12955
Campbell (Jean), Musician Acc.11770
Campbell (John D.E.H.), 7th Duke of Argyll Acc.8508
Campbell (John Francis), of Islay Acc.8168
Campbell (John Francis), of Islay Adv.MSS.50.1.1-51.2.7
Campbell (John Francis), of Islay MSS.2993-2994
Campbell (Neil), Minister of Kilchrennan MSS.14989-14990
Campbell (Patrick William),W.S. Acc.10349
Campbell (Steuart) Acc.11890
Campbell and MacPherson Families, Ardersier and Edinburgh Acc.7601
Campbell Canntaireachd MS.3714
Campbell of Cessnock MS.1671
Campbell of Craignish Acc.6223
Campbell of Edenwood Acc.7657
Campbell of Inverawe MS.1672
Campbell of Kiberry Acc.8373
Campbell of Lochnell Acc.8353
Campbell of Mamore MSS.3733-3736
Campbell of Succoth MSS.3078-3080
Campbell, Earls of Argyll Acc.13254
Campbell, Earls of Argyll MS.975
Campbell, Earls of Argyll MSS.3733-3736
Campbell, Login, Maitland and Mackgill Crichton families Acc.12549
Cannon (Angus F.), Piper, 9th Battalion, Royal Scots Acc.9950
Canongate Audio Books Acc.12182
Canongate Press Acc.10892
Canongate Press Acc.11197
Canongate Press Acc.12340
Canongate Press Acc.9885
Cantie Carlie MS.5292
Cape Club, Edinburgh MSS.2000-2045
Caplan (Lionel), Professor Acc.12779
Cardross Unionist Association, Cunninghame District Conservative Local Government Advisory Committee, Bridge of Weir Liberal Association, Galloway Liberal Association and Strathclyde Liberal Association Acc.12454
Carlyle (Alexander `Jupiter'), Minister of Inveresk MSS.23761-23930
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.11436
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.11437
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.11476
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.7322
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.8140
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MS.1774
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MS.1797
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MS.1893
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MS.533
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MSS.529-530
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh Acc.12039
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.10484
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.11254
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.11477
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.11637
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.11656
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.2343
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.2427
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.3561
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.3702
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.4463
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.4541
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.4615
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.4776
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.5002
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.5003
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.5074
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.6267
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.6430
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.6455
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.6833
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.7359
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.8022
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.8192
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.8237
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.8497
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.8808
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9207
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9294
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9348
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9349
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9363
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Acc.9654
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Adv.MS.19.3.52
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Adv.MSS.20.5.24-20.24.25
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian Dep.295
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MS.20766
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MS.21367
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MS.568
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MS.7197
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MS.8992
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.1763-1777
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.1775-1800
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.20752-20753
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.2883-2888
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.511-534
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.665-666
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian MSS.751-754
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian and Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh) Acc.10915
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian and Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh) Acc.2397
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian and Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh) Acc.2765
Carlyle (Thomas), Essayist and Historian and Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), nee Welsh Acc.8964
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MS.3823
Carlyle (Jane Baillie Welsh), née Welsh MSS.551-553
Carlyle Family Acc.7864
Carlyle Family Acc.7988
Carlyle Family Acc.9086
Carmichael (Michael) Acc.11539
Carnegie of Craigo and Nicolson of Lasswade Papers Dep.267
Carnegie Trust Minutes Acc.9587
Carswell (Catherine), Author MS.19705
Caskie (Donald C.), Minister of the Scots Kirk in Paris Acc.8846
Cathcart of Cathcart Papers Acc.12686
Catherine McCaig's Trust Acc.11417
Caverhill Family, Berwickshire Acc.4506
Cavo (Mario) Acc.12797
Cencrastus Acc.10396
Cencrastus Acc.10532
Cencrastus Acc.11509
Cencrastus Acc.12644
Cencrastus Acc.9164
Center (Ronald), Composer MSS.22171-22194
Center (Ronald), Composer, and Evelyn Morrison Center Acc.11671
Central Ayrshire Conservative and Unionist Association Acc.9079
Chalmers (Esther Barbara), the Chalmers and Lorimer of Kelly Families Acc.8695
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.15.1.24
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.16.2.29
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.16.2.9
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.17.1.16
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.20.1.13
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.29.3.16
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.33.3.29
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.34.3.30
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MS.6.1.15
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.16.2.16-16.2.18
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.16.2.20-16.2.22
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.16.2.26-16.2.27
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.20.1.1-20.1.5
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.20.2.1-20.2.2
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.21.1.1-21.1.14
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.3.1.1-3.1.9
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.34.4.17-34.4.19
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.81.4-8.1.10
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.81.9.1-81.9.4
Chalmers (George), Antiquary Adv.MSS.81.9.5-81.9.11
Chalmers of Auldbar Papers Ch.15438
Chalmers of Auldbar Papers MSS.15401-15519
Chalmers of Auldbar Papers MSS.19584-19589
Chalmers of Auldbar Papers Acc.13174
Chambers (Robert), Publisher Acc.8164
Chambers (Robert), Publisher Acc.8785 [MF.MSS.416]
Chapman Acc.10477
Chapman Acc.10533
Chapman Acc.10684
Chapman Acc.11319
Chapman Acc.11510
Chapman Acc.11978
Chapman Acc.6899
Charlestown Colliery and Limeworks MSS.9625-9631
Charteris, (Archibald Hamilton), Biblical Critic Acc.11703
Chiari (Joseph), Poet and Playwright Acc.13331
Chisholm (Agnes), Edinburgh Acc.7437
Chisholm (John), K.C. MSS.21072-21096
Chisholm (Mari Larbert), of Chisholm Acc.8006
Chisholm (Robina) MS.20442
Chisholme of that Ilk and Nisbet Papers Ch.4775-5653
Chisholme of that Ilk Papers MSS.5462-5495
Christian Fellowship of Healing (Scotland) Acc.13352
Christie (Alexander Turnbull), Geological Surveyor, East India Company MSS.9490-9497
Christie of Stenton Papers Acc.10628
Christie of Stenton Papers Acc.11156
Chronicles of England (The Brut) MS.6128
Chronicon Angliae MS.2728
Chrystal (F.M.), Photographer Acc.3726
Chrystal (George), Professor Acc.10070
Church of Scotland Commission on National Occasions MSS.20488-20490
Church of Scotland. World Mission and Unity Department. Acc.10023
Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow Acc.4933
Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow [microfilm] Acc.5160 [Mf.MSS.161]
Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow [microfilm] Acc.5177 [Mf.MSS.164]
Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow [microfilm] Acc.5222 [Mf.MSS.168]
Claire (Regi) Acc.13397
Clan Gregor Archive Acc.10664
Clan Gregor Archive Acc.11713
Clan Gregor Archive Acc.12335
Clan Gregor Centre Archive (History and Genealogy) Acc.13527
Clan MacKay Society Acc.11994
Clan MacKay Society Acc.12350
Clapcott's Commentary on The Goff MS.3999
Clark (A. Trevor), Colonial Civil Servant Acc.12598
Clark (A. Trevor), Colonial Civil Servant Acc.12777
Clark (Elizabeth A.), Mrs. Acc.12968
Clark (John), Poet Acc.11766
Clark (Margaret), 'Lesley Storm', Author Acc.6711
Clark (Robert) Acc.13317
Clark (Ronald) Acc.9589
Clarkson (Euan), Professor Acc.12663
Clarsach Society Acc.10247
Cleghorn Family Acc.6783
Clement Matchett's Music Book MS.9448
Clephane (Anna Jane Douglas Maclean), Musician Acc.10792
Clifford (Jo), Playwright Acc.13458
Clinton (Margery), Potter Acc.11283
Clinton (Margery), Potter Acc.12879
Close Theatre, Glasgow Acc.4993
Club Leabhar Ltd. Acc.12124
Clunie (James) Acc.4334
Clyde Workers' Committee Acc.13524
Cochrane (Alexander Forrester Inglis), Sir, Admiral Ch.945-946
Cochrane (Alexander Forrester Inglis), Sir, Admiral MS.3022
Cochrane (Alexander Forrester Inglis), Sir, Admiral MSS.2264-2505
Cochrane (Jane), Daughter of Sir Alexander Cochrane, Governor of Guadaloupe Acc.13186
Cochrane (Thomas John), Sir, Admiral MSS.2264-2505
Cochrane (Thomas John), Sir, Admiral MSS.2577-2607
Cochrane (Thomas), 10th Earl of Dundonald Acc.13493
Cochrane(Archibald D.), Sir, Captain, R.N. Acc.10218
Cockburn (Henry), Lord Cockburn Acc.3521
Cockburn (Henry), Lord Cockburn Adv.MSS.9.1.1-9.1.13
Cockburn (Henry), Lord Cockburn MS.15943
Cockburn and Pitcairn Family Dep.235
Cockburn Family MSS.2996-2998
Codex Edinburgensis Adv.MS.18.7.23
Coldingham Breviary [microfilm] Acc.7860 [Mf.MSS.372]
Coldingham Cartulary [transcript] Adv.MS.35.3.8 (iii)
Coldingham Inventory Adv.MS.15.1.13
Coldingham Inventory Adv.MS.29.9.12
Coles (Cecil), Composer Acc.11345
Coles (Cecil), composer Acc.11346
Collinson (Francis) Acc.11745
Collinson (Francis) Acc.4705
Collinson (Francis) Acc.6650
Collinson (Francis) Acc.7857
Collinson (Francis) Acc.8650
Collinson (Francis) Acc.8985
Collinson (Francis) Acc.9003
Collinson (Francis) Acc.9975
Colt (George Frederick Russell) Acc.12527
Columbine (Edward Henry), R.N., Governor of Sierra Leone Acc.11610
Columbine (Edward Henry), R.N., Governor of Sierra Leone Acc.11611
Combe (George), Phrenologist Ch.7595-7610
Combe (George), Phrenologist MSS.7201-7515
Commonwealth Conference Writers' Conference, Edinburgh Acc.9403
Company of Scottish History Acc.13167
Comunn na Canna in Albannaich Acc.12130
Conference of Scottish Medieval Historians Dep.287
Conn (Stewart), Playwright Acc.12098
Conn (Stewart), Playwright Acc.4433
Conn (Stewart), Playwright Acc.5365
Conn (Stewart), Playwright Acc.5434
Constructional Engineering Union: Edinburgh Branch Acc.4758
Cooper (Thomas Mackay), Baron Cooper of Culross, Judge and Historian Acc.6188
Cope (John), Sir, Lieutenant-General Acc.11771
Copeland (Fanny Susan), Translator and Journalist Acc.11904
Corbett (Thomas Godfrey Polson), Baron Rowallan (succ.1933) Acc.10323
Corbett (Thomas Godfrey Polson), Baron Rowallan (succ.1933) Acc.6688
Corrie (Joe), Playwright Acc.10040
Corrie (Joe), Playwright Acc.10839
Corrie (Joe), Playwright MSS.26490-26560
Cost (March), Author MSS.27374-27410
Coulter Collection of Burns Manuscripts MS.23150
Cowan (William), Bibliographer MSS.3709-3712
Cowell (Frances) Acc.12890
Cowie (William), Minister of Cairnie, and Annand (John), Minister of Cairnie Acc.12483
Cowie Manuscripts MSS.15951-15975
Craig (George), Banker, Galashiels MS.23128
Craig (Robert), Principal of University of Rhodesia Acc.11220
Craig-Brown Family Acc.4447
Craigen (James Mark), Labour Politician and Author Acc.10316
Craigen (James Mark), Labour Politician and Author Acc.10476
Craigen (James Mark), Labour Politician and Author Acc.13072
Craigen (James Mark), Labour Politician and Author Acc.13212
Craigmount School for Girls Acc.12271
Craigmount School Old Girls' Club Acc.9892
Craik (Henry), Sir, Politician MSS.7174-7175
Crail Register Adv.MS.34.4.6
Cram (Alastair), Lawyer and Judge in Kenya Acc.13170
Cramer (Sidney) Acc.3627
Cramer (Sidney) Acc.9063
Crampsey (Robert Anthony), Historian, writer, teacher and broadcaster (1930-2008) Acc.12980
Cranna (John), Secretary, Western Divisional Council of the Scottish Unionist Association Acc.12356
Crawford (G. W.) Acc.5823
Crawford (Kenna) Acc.13344
Crawford (Margaret Fleming) Acc.11810
Crawford (Robert) Acc.11322
Crawford (Robert) MSS.26022-26026
Crawford (Robert), Composer Acc.12550
Crawford Papers Acc.11351
Crawford Papers Acc.9769
Crawfurd of Kilbirnie and Jordanhill Papers Ch.17332-17350
Crawfurd of Kilbirnie and Jordanhill Papers MS.20988
Cristofori Club, Edinburgh Acc.10319
Cronin (A. J.), Writer Acc.10106
Cronin (A. J.), Writer Acc.8334
Cronin (A. J.), Writer Acc.9923
Cronin (A. J.), Writer Acc.9961
Cronin, A. J. ), Writer Acc.9873
Crosbie (Hugh P. ), 'John Carrick' Acc.12197
Crosbie (William) Acc.13367
Crouden (Patricia) Acc.12232
Cruickshank (Helen B.) Acc.11467
Cruickshank (Helen B.) MSS.26705-26712
Crum (F. M.), Major Acc.4981
Culross Psalter Adv.MS.18.8.11
Cumming (James), Minister of Melness and Eriboll Free Church Acc.5931
Cumming (William Skeoch), Painter Acc.11544
Cumming (William Skeoch), Painter MSS.9771-9807
Cummings (Betty) Acc.13202
Cuningham (Francis Goode), Emigrant Acc.13089
Cunningham (Ian C. ), Keeper of Manuscripts, National Library of Scotland Acc.12027
Cunningham (Peter), Author Acc.5582
Cunningham (Peter), Author (1816-1869) Acc.5583
Cunningham Genealogies MS.3033
Curriehill, Edinburgh Acc.12778
Cursiter (Stanley), Director, National Galleries of Scotland Acc.5451
Cursiter (Stanley), Director, National Galleries of Scotland Acc.9438
Curtis (Michael), Dr Acc.12913
Custer (Elizabeth, wife of General, nee Bacon Acc.13382
Cuthbert (W. R. ), Lieutenant, R.F.A. Acc.12808
Cuthbert (Walter R. ) Acc.11914
Cuthbert Family Acc.11162
Cuthbert Family Acc.11166
Cyril D.Creasey Cricket Collection Acc.13177