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E. and S. Livingstone, Publishers, Edinburgh Acc.11204
Eagle (Raymond), Author Acc.13199
Eardley (Joan), R.S.A. Acc.11826
Eardley (Joan), R.S.A. Acc.8998
Early Socialism Acc.4451
Early Socialism in Edinburgh Acc.4965
Earnock Manuscripts (relating to Robert Burns) MSS.1653-1655
East Edinburgh Unionist Association Acc.13285
East Lothian Reform Association Acc.10851
Easter Calculator Adv.MS.72.1.2
Edgeworth (Maria), Novelist MSS.23130-23132
EDINA Acc.12830
Edina Acc.12830
Edinburgh and District Labour Party Acc.11922
Edinburgh and District Trades Council Acc.11177
Edinburgh and District Trades' Council Acc.4676
Edinburgh and Leith Consular Corps Acc.13348
Edinburgh and Leith Consular Corps Acc.6989
Edinburgh Bibliographical Society Acc.9930
Edinburgh Booksellers' Society Dep.303
Edinburgh Chopin Club Acc.12352
Edinburgh Christian Council for Overseas Students Acc.11199
Edinburgh City Council, Community Learning and Development: Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 Acc.13653
Edinburgh Conversations Acc.13596
Edinburgh Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society Acc.6488
Edinburgh Festival Guild Acc.10441
Edinburgh Film Festival Acc.11308
Edinburgh Further Education Centres (Regent Road Public and Evening School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh School of Salesmanship and James Clark Technical Institute Acc.9510
Edinburgh Highland Ceilidh Acc.11577
Edinburgh Highland Reel and Strathspey Society Acc.13305
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.10572
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.11518
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.11779
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.12075
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.12169
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.12252
Edinburgh International Festival Society Acc.12296
Edinburgh International Festival Society Dep.378
Edinburgh International Film Festival Acc.13442
Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society Acc.10624
Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society Acc.12603
Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society Acc.12603
Edinburgh Jewish Literary Society Acc.9647
Edinburgh Journeymen Bookbinders' Society MSS.27620-27622
Edinburgh Leith and District Retail Tobacconists' Association Acc.3536
Edinburgh Playhouse Society Acc.13490
Edinburgh Poetry Club Dep.173
Edinburgh Printing and Kindred Trades Employers' Association Acc.8921
Edinburgh Review Acc.11517
Edinburgh Review Acc.9635
Edinburgh Saltire Gaelic Choir Acc.12624
Edinburgh Skating Club MSS.24641-24649
Edinburgh Slaters' Society [photocopy] Acc.4340
Edinburgh Society of Musicians MSS.21580-21668
Edinburgh Society of Organists Dep.361
Edinburgh South Consituency Labour Party Dep.203
Edinburgh South Liberal Democrats Acc.13302
Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra, Founders' Guild Acc.11106
Edinburgh Typographical Society Acc.4068
Edinburgh Typographical Society Acc.4593
Edinburgh Upholsterers' Society Acc.4071
Edmonstoune, Family MSS.9978-9981
Ednam Papers Acc.6706
Edward (David), Judge of the European Community Court of the First Instance Acc.10046
Egerton (Granville G. A. ), Major-General Acc.1656
Egerton (Granville G. A.), Major-General Acc.1669
Elder (Adam), Emigrant to Australia Acc.13214
Elder (Michael), Playwright Acc.12469
Elder (Michael), Playwright Acc.13051
Electrical Trades' Council Acc.4314
Elgin Friary Register Adv.MS.34.7.2
Elgin Friary Register [transcript] Adv.MS.9A.1.10
Ellice (Edward), of Invergarry (d.1880) Acc.12560
Ellice of Invergarry Papers Ch.12601-12763
Ellice of Invergarry Papers MSS.15001-15195
Ellice of Invergarry Papers MSS.15196-15199
Elliot (Arthur R. D.), Hon., Diplomatist Ch.15392-15396
Elliot (Arthur R. D.), Hon., Diplomatist Dep.318
Elliot (Arthur R. D.), Hon., Diplomatist MSS.19420-19573
Elliot (Charles Gilbert John Brydone), Sir, Admiral MS.21237
Elliot (Charles Gilbert John Brydone), Sir, Admiral MSS.21209-21232
Elliot (Charles), Bookseller, Edinburgh Acc.11536 [Mf.MSS.549-553]
Elliot (Charles), Bookseller, Edinburgh Acc.12530
Elliot (Donald M.) Acc.6302
Elliot (James Scott-), Major-General Acc.11499
Elliot (Sir Charles) Acc.5534
Elliot (Walter), Conservative Politican Acc.12338
Elliot (Walter), Conservative Politician Acc.12198
Elliot (Walter), Conservative Politician Acc.6721
Elliot (Walter), Conservative Politician, and Katherine Elliot, Baroness Elliot of Harewood Acc.12267
Elliot (Walter), Sir, of Wolfelee Acc.10141
Ellis (Francis Stirling) Acc.11666
Ellis (Francis Stirling) Acc.11667
Elphinstone (Margaret), Author Acc.12188
Elphinstone (Margaret), Author Acc.12457
Elphinstone (Margaret), Author Acc.12528
Elphinstone (Margaret), Author Acc.12865
Elphinstone (Mountstuart), Governor of Bombay MSS.10288-10289
Elphinstone of Lopness Papers Acc.8924
Elphinstone of Lopness Papers Acc.9860
Engender Acc.12147
Erickson (John), Professor Acc.12992
Erskine (William), Orientalist Adv.MSS.28.5.15-28.5.16
Erskine (William), Orientalist Adv.MSS.36.1.5.-36.1.7b
Erskine Murray Papers Ch.4021-4537
Erskine Murray Papers MSS.5070-5138
Eveling (Stanley), Playwright Acc.4778
Everson (James) Acc.11076
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.10527
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.10819
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.10877
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.10901
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.10965
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.11093
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.11226
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.11326
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.12908
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.13410
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.5035
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.7815
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.8485
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.8628
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.8983
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.9064
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.9643
Ewart (Gavin), Poet Acc.9918