A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 21 of 24)

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(p.217) And let no man come in
And arme you welle and make you redy
And to the walles ye wynne
For one thynge robyn I the behote.
I swere by saynt quyntyne.
These xl. dayes thou wonnest with men
To soupe ete and dyne
Bordes were layde and clothes were spredde
Redely & anone Robyn hode & his mery men.
To mete can they gone       The .vi. fytte.
Lythe and lysten gentylmen
And herkyn to your songe.
Howe the proude shyref of notyngham
And men of armys stronge.
Fulle fast cam to the hye shyref.
The contre vp to route
And they besette the knyghtes castelle.
The walles alle aboute
The proude shyref loude gan crye.
And sayde thou traytour knight
Thou kepest here the kynges enemys
Agaynst the lawe and right
Sir I wylle auowe that I haue done
The dedys that here be dyght.
Upon alle the landes that I haue
As I am a trewe knyght.
wende furth sirs on your way
And do no more to me
Tylle ye wyt oure kynges welle
what he wylle say to the
The shyref thus had his answere
Without any lesynge
Furth he yede to london towne