A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 20 of 24)

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(p.216) Smyte of mijn hede rather to morowe
& I forgyue it ye Lat me go than sayde ye sherif
For saynte charite
And I wolle be thy best frende
That euer yet had ye
Thou shalt swere me an othe sayde Robyn
On my bright bronde
Shalt thou neuer awayte me scade
By water ne by lande
And if thou fynde any of my men
By nyght or day
Upon thyn othe thou shalt swere
To helpe them that thou may
Nowe hathe ye sherif sworne his othe
And home he began to gone
He was as fulle of grene wode
As euer was hepe of stone
        The fourth fytte
The sherif dwelled in Notingham
He was fayne he was agone
And Robyn and his mery men
went to wode anone
Go we to dyner sayde littelle Iohn
Robyn hode sayde nay
For I drede our lady be wroth with me
For she sent me nat my pray
Haue no doute maister sayde litelle Iohn.
Yet is nat the sonne at rest:
For I dare say and sauely swere
The knight is true and truste.
Take thy bowe in thy hande sayde Robyn
Late much wende with the
And so shal wylleyam Scarlok