The Porteous of Nobleness   (Page 1 of 6)

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nor compt of his lif that sewis noght diligence quhilk
awaykynis all other vertues Quhat avalis or quhat is
ane man worth that musis and lyis in slogardy that
will haue ane soft bed Ane full wame remanyng at eas
and pas the tyme day be day / and wolk be wolke and re
kis not nor takis na compt how all thing pas / quhat
be wonnyn or quhat be tynt And will haue men befor
hym bair heid kneland and saynge that he is ane nobill
quhilk is gret merual quhair his awne dedis schewis ye
contrair / bot quha that is a nobill he leris quhair of ser
uis diligence that awaiknis all othir vertuis O nobill
man the wyne graip rottis and deis gif it ly at the erd
vndir the leif the micheif and fall awise and consulis a
man / and diligence that awaiknis all vertues in tra=
uail makis of ane rud and vnnurist man. Ane man cun
ning pert and weill manerit.

The ix. vertu in nobill man
is clenelynes.

The hert set in nobilnes and desirand hie honour
sulde despise all filth and vnhonesti for he despri
sis his nobilnes that takis keip and tent to othir menis
guyding / and kepis noght hym selue clene / he than sulde
nothir say nor do thing that war to discomende nor that
myght empair or skaith ane othir man nor yt myt mynise
his awne lose and honour gif he avisit thoght and lukit
weill to hym selue yt takis tent & keip to all othir men /
foul speking and mekill myssaing or flityng or ane vnho
nest deuise to the man that is sene and behaldyn be mo=