A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 24 of 24)

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(p.220) And he that this sorowe forsaketh.
By hym that dyed on tre
Shalle he neuer in grene wode
No lenger dwel with me.
Sone there were gode bowes bent
Mo than seuen score.
Hedge ne dyche spared they none.
That was them before
I make myn auowe to god sayde Robyn.
The sherif wolde I fayne see
And if I may hym take. I quyte shall it be.
And whan they came to Notingham
They walked in ye strete. & wt ye proude sherif I wys
Sone can they mete
Abyde thou proude sherif he sayde.
Abyde and speke with me
Of some tidinges of oure kinge.
I wolde fayne here of the
This seuen yere by. dere worthy god.
Ne yede I this fast on fote
I make myn auowe to god thou proude sherif
It is nat for thy gode
Robyn bent a fulle goode bowe
An arrowe he drowe at wylle
He hit so the proude sherife.
Upon the grounde he lay full stille
And or he myght vp aryse.
On his fete to stonde
He smote of the sherifs hede
With his bright bronde.
Lye thou there thou proude sherife
Euylle mote thou cheue
There myght no man to thy truste