A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 23 of 24)

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(p.219) And lete his haukes flee
Toke he there this gentylle knight
With men of armys stronge.
And led hym to Notyngham warde
Bounde bothe fote and hande.
The sheref sware a full grete othe
Bi hym yt dyed on rode. He had leuer than an C. li
That he had Robyn hode.
This harde the knyghtes wyfe.
A fayr lady and a free
She set hir on a gode palfrey
To grene wode anone rode she.
Whanne she cam in ye forest Under ye grene wode tree
Fonde she there Robyn hode.
And al his fayre mene
God the saue gode Robyn
And alle they company
For our dere ladyes sake.
A bone graunte thou me
Late neuer my wedded lorde.
Shamefully slayne be
He is fast bowne to Notingham warde
For the loue of the
Anone than saide goode Robyn
To that lady so fre
What man hath your lorde take.
For soth as I the say
He is nat yet thre myeles.
Passed on his way
Up than sterte gode Robyn
As man that had ben wode
Buske you my mery men.
For hym that dyed on rode