Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 3 of 46)

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(p.9) The sylour deir of the deise dayntely wes dent
With the doughtyest in thair dais dyntis couth dele
Bright letteris of gold blith vnto blent
Makand mencioune quha maist of manhede couth mele
He saw nane Levand leid vpone loft lent
Nouthir lord na lad leif ye the lele
The renk raikit in the saill riale and gent
yt wondir wisly wes wroght with wourschip & wele
The berne besely and bane blenkit hym about
He saw throu ane entre
Charcole in ane chymne Birnand full stout.
Ane bright fyre couuth he se

Ane duergh braydit about besily and bane
Small birdis on broche be any brightfyre
Schir kay ruschit to the roist and reft fra the swane
Lightly claught throu lust the lym fra the lyre
to feid hym of that fyne fude the freik wes full fane
Than dynnyt the duergh in angir and yre
With raris quhil the rude hall reirdit agane
With that come girdand in greif ane wounder grym sire
With stout contenance & sture he stude thame beforne
With vesage lufly and lang
Body stalwart and strang        Of berne that wes borne
That sege wald sit with none wrang

The knyght carpit to schir kay cruel and kene
Me think thow fedis the vnfair freik be my fay
Suppose thi birny be bright as bachiler suld ben
yhit ar thi latis vnlufsum and ladlike I lay
Quhy has thow marrit my man with maistri to mene.
Bot thow mend hym that mys be mary mylde may