Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 2 of 46)

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(p.8) Bot torris and tene wais teirfull quha tellis
Tuglit and travalit thus trew men can tyre.
Sa wundir wait wes the way wit ye but vvene
And all thair vittalis war gone
That thay weildit in wone         yt suld thair bute bene
Resset couth thai find none

As thay walkit be the syde of ane fair well
Throu the schynyng of the son ane ciete thai se
With torris and turatis teirfull to tell
Bigly batollit about with wallis sa he
The yettis war clenely kepit with ane castell
Myght none fang it with force bot foullis to fle
Than carpit king arthur kene and cruell
I rede we send furth ane send to yone ciete
And ask leif at the lord yone landis suld leid.
That we myght entir in his toune
For his hie renoune         For money to meid.
To by vs vittale boune

Schir kay carpit to the king courtes and cleir
Grant me lord on yone gait graithly to gay
And I sall boid word but abaid bring to you heir
Gif he be freik on the fold your freynd or your fay
Sen thi will is to wend wy now in weir
Luke that wisly thow wirk criste were the fra wa
The berne bovnit to the burgh with ane blith cheir
Fand the yettis vnclosit and thrang in full thra
His hors he tyit to ane tre treuly that tyde.
Syne hynt to ane hie hall
That wes astalit with pall         And payntit with pride
Weill wroght vves the vvall