A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 5 of 24)

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(p.201) Gramarcy sir sayde he
Suche a dinere had I nat:
Of alle these wekys thre
If I come ageyne Robyn
Here by thys contre
As gode a dyner I shalle the make
As that thou haest made to me
Gramarcy knyght sayde Robyn.
My dyner whan that I it haue.
I was neuer so gredy bi dere worthy god
My dyner for to craue
Buy pay or ye wende sayde Robyn
Me thynketh it is gode ryght.
It was neuer ye maner by dere worthi god
A yoman to pay for a knyght.
I haue nought in my coffers saide ye knyght
That I may profer for shame.
Late John go loke sayde Robyn
Ne let nat for no blame
Tel me truth than saide Robyn
So god haf parte of me.
I haue no more but .xx shelynges sayde ye knyght.
So gode haue parte of me
If thou hast no more sayde robyn.
I wolle nat one peny.
And yf thou haue nede of any more.:
More shalle I lend the:
Go nowe furth littelle Iohn
The truth telle thou me:
If there be no more but xx. selinges.
No peny that I se.
Lyttelle John sprede downe hys mantelle