A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 6 of 24)

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(p.202) Fulle fayre vpon the grounde
And there he fonde in the knyghtes cofer.
But euen halfe pounde.
Littelle Iohn let it lye fulle stylle
And went to hys maysteer lowe
What tidynges Iohn sayde robyn.
Sir the knyght is true Inowe. .
Fylle of the best wine sayde robyn
The knyght shalle begynne.
Moche wonder thinketh me.
Thy clot[h]ynge is so thine
Telle me worde sayde robyn. .
And counsel shal it be.
I trowe thou warte made a knyght of force.
Or ellys of yemanry
Or ellys thou hast bene a sori husbande.
And lyued in strotte and stryfe
And okerer or ellis a lechoure sayde robyn.
Wyth wronge hast led they lyfe.
I am none of those sayde the knyght.
By god that made me
And hundred wynter here before
Myn auncetres knyghtes haue bene.
But oft it hath befal robyn:
A man hath be disgrate.
But god that sitteth in heuen aboue
May amende his state
Withyn this two yere robyne he sayde.
My neghbours welle it knowe.
Foure hundred pounde of gode money.
Ful welle than myght I spende
Nowe haue I no gode saide the knyght