A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 2 of 24)

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(p.198) squyer that dwelleth here bi west A gode ma-
ner than had robyn in londe where yt he were.
Euery day or he wold dyne .iij. messis wolde
he here The one in ye worship of ye fader & another
of ye holy gost the .iij. of our dere lady that he lo
ued all ther moste. Robyn loued oure dere lady
for dout of dydly synne. wolde he neuer do com-
pani harme yt any woman was in Maistar than
sayde lytil John & we our borde shal sprede telle
vs wheder yt we shal go & what life yt we shalle
lede where we shalle take where we shalle leue.
where we shalle abide behynde. where we shalle
robbe where we shal reue where we shal bete
and bynde.
Thereof no force than sayde Robyn
We shalle do welle Inowe
But loke ye do no husbonde harme.
That tilleth with his ploughe
Nomore ye shalle no gode yeman
That walketh by grene wodeshawe
Ne no knyght ne no squyer yt wol be a gode felawe
these bisshoppis & these archebishoppis
ye shalle them bete & bynde.
The hye sherif of notyingham
Hym holde ye in your mynde
This worde shalbe holde sayde lytelle Iohn
And this lesson we shalle lere.
It is fer dayes god sende vs a gest.
That we were at oure dynere.
Take thy gode bowe in thy honde sayde Robyn
Late much wende wt ye & so shal willyam scarlok
And no man abyde with me.
& walke vp to ye saylis & so to watlinge stret