A Gest of Robin Hood (pp.197-220 in the volume)   (Page 3 of 24)

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(p.199) And wayte after some vnknuth gest.
Vp chaunce ye may them mete.
be he erle or ani baron Abbot or ani knyght
Bringhe hym to lodge to me
His dyner shalle be dight
They wente vp to the saylis.
These yeman alle thre.
They loked est they loke weest.
They myght no man see
but as they loked in to bernysdale Bi a derne strete.
Than came a knyght ridinghe.
Fulle sone they gan hym mete.
All dreri was his semblaunce
And lytelle was his pryde
His one fote in the styrop stode.
That othere wauyd beside
His hode hanged in his iyn two.
He rode in symple aray.
A soriar man than he was one
Rode neuer in somer day.
Litelle John was fulle curteyes
And sette hym on his kne
Welcom be ye gentylle knyght
Welcom ar ye to me.
Welcom be thou to grene wode
Hende knyght and fre
My maister hath abiden you fastinge
Syr al these oures thre.
Who is thy maister sayde the knyght
John sayde Robyn hode.
He is gode yoman sayde the knyght.
of hym I haue herde moche gode
I graunte he sayde with you to wende.