William Dunbar: The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy with Robert Henryson: The Praise of Age with Device, Prowess and eke Humility   (Page 5 of 12)

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(p.141) Thare is na lorde that will in seruice tak the
A pak of flaskynnis fynance for to mak the
Thou sall ressaue in danskyn of my tailye
With de profundis fend the and that failye
And I sall send the blak deuill for to bak the
Into the katryne thou maid a foule cahute
For thou bedrate hir doune fra starn to stere
Apon hir sydis was sene thou coud schute
Thy dirt clevis till hir towis this xx yere
The firmament na firth was newir cler
Quhill thou deulbere deuillis birth was on the see
The saulis had sonkyn throu the syn of the
War not the peple maid sa grete prayere
Quhen that the schip was saynit et vndir saile
Foul brow / in holl thou preposit for to pas
Thou schot and was not sekir of thy tayle
Beschate the stere / the compas et the glas
The skippar bad ger land the at the bas
Thou spewit and kest out mony a lathly lomp
Fastar. than all the marynaris coud pomp
And now thy wame is wers than ewir it was.
Had thai bene prouuait sa of schote of gvne
By men of were but perile thay had past
As thou was louse and redy of thy bune
Thay myt haue tane the collum at the last
For thou wald cuk a cartfull at a cast
Thare is na schip that wil the now ressaue
Thou fylde faster than fyftenesum myt lawe
And myrit thaym wyth thy muk to the myd mast
Throu ingland thef and tak the to thy fute
And boune with the to haue a false botwand
A horse marschall thou call the at the mute