William Dunbar: The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy with Robert Henryson: The Praise of Age with Device, Prowess and eke Humility   (Page 6 of 12)

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(p.142) And with that craft convoy the throu the lande
Be na thing argh. tak ferily on hand
Happyn thou to be hangit in northumbir.
Than all thy kyn ar wele quyte of thy cumbir
And that mon be thy dome I vndirstand
Hye souuerane lorde lat newir this synfull sot
Do schame / fra hame / vnto your nacion
That newir nane sik ane be callit a scot
A rottyn crok / louse of the dok thare doune
Fra honest folk deuoide this lathly lowne
In sum desert / quhare thare is na repaire
For fylyng and infecking of the aire
Cary this cankerit corrupt carioun
Thou was consauit in the grete eclips
A monstir maid be god mercurius
Na hald agayn. na hoo is at thy hips
Infortunate false et furius
Evill schryvin wanthryvin: not clene na curius
A myten full of flyting flyrdom like
A crabbit scabbit euill facit messan tyke
A schit but wit / schir et iniurius
Greit in the glaykis gude maister gilliam gukkis
Our imperfyte in poetry or in prose
All clocis vndir cloud of nyt thou cukkis
Rymis thou of me. of rethory the rose
Lunatike lymare luschbald louse thy hose
That I may touch thy tone wyt tribulation
In recompensing of thy conspiration
Or turse the out of scotland tak thy chose
Ane benefice quha wald gyue sic ane beste
Bot gif it war to gyngill iudas bellis
Tak the a fidill or a floyte et geste.