John Lydgate: The Complaint of the Black Knight with When by Divine Deliberation   (Page 27 of 28)

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(p.135) Consent virgyne vnto this hye message
Quhare by folowis the redemptioun
Of Abraham / and all his hale lynage
Thy word may now infernale folk discharge
The faderis eke that dirknes doith inhance
Wyth wofull Adam weping in penance.

This gloriouse lady quhom to we oftyme call
As god so wald his prophecye fullfill
Remembring eke the wele fare of vs all.
Lo here scho said goddis humyl ancill
Be it to me eftir thy word and will
And be scho had hir wordis thus exprimyt
Consauit was he that all the warld redemyt

Thou Moyses busk remanyng incombust.
Quhilk was fare signe of thy virginitee
Refrene vs fra all frawart fleschly lust
Nothing to ioy. bot in thy sone & the
And geve vs grace / that houre quhen we sall dee
Be thy meke mene that place in hevin to wyn
That ordanyt was. for Abraham & his kyn


Heir endis the maying and disport of chaucer Impren
tit in the south gait of Edinburgh be Walter chepman
and Androw myllar the fourth day of aperile the yhere
of god. M.CCCCC. and viii. yheris.