John Lydgate: The Complaint of the Black Knight with When by Divine Deliberation   (Page 6 of 28)

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(p.114) Slayen was throw vengeance of cupide
Quhere so coniunctly he did abide
The greyn of deth vpon the brynk
For deth mot folow quho that euer it drynk

No liche the pute of pegate
Wnder pernaso quhare that poetes slepte
No like the well of pure chastite
Quhiche as dyan with hyr nymphes kept
Quhen sche nakit in the water lept
That slew anceon with hyr hundis fell
Only for he come so ney the well

Bot this well that I here reherce
So hoolsum was that it wald asuage
Belyng hertes and the venym perse
Of pensyffe hede with all the cruell rage
And euermore refresche the visage
Of hem that wor in any heuinese
Of grete laboure or follen in distrese

And I that hadde throu danger and dedeyn
So dry a thryst thought I wold assay
To taist o draught of this well or tueyn
My bittir langur if It myght alay
And on the bank anone doun I lay
And with my hede vnto the well I raught
And of the vvater dronk a good draught.

This herbere vves ful of flours of ynde
In to the quhiche as I byholde can
Atuix one roser and o vvod bynd
As I vvas vvar I savv quhere lay o man