John Lydgate: The Complaint of the Black Knight with When by Divine Deliberation   (Page 5 of 28)

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(p.11 So hoolsum was and norysing be kynde e
Thate smale buddes and round blomes lyte
In manner gan off thare breth delyte
To gyfe ws hop that thay fruyte shall take
Ayene autompne reddy for to shake.

I saw the daphyn closed wnder rynde
Grene laurere and the holsum pyne
The myrre also that wepeth ewir of kynde.
The hey cydryee vp ryght as a lyne
The filbart eke that law doith inclyne
Hyr bewis grene vnto the erde adoune
Wnto hyr knyght callit demephoune

There saw I eke the fresche hawthorne
In quhite mantle that so suete doth smell
Asshe fyrre and ake with many a yhong accorne
And many a tre mo than I kan tell
And me beforne I saw a litill well
That hadde his course as I can biholde
Wndyr a hill with quyk stremes colde

The gravale like golde the watter pure as plasse.
The bounkes round the well enveronnyng
And soft as veluet the yhong grasse.
That there vpon lustely gan spring
The nombre of treis about compaising
There shadew cast closing the well rounde
And al the herbes growing on the grounde

The watter was so hoolsum and virtouse <
Throu myt of herbes growing besyde
Nought liche the well quhere as Narcisus