De regimine principum bonum consilium   (Page 5 of 8)

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(p.105) And exclud al effectione singlare
And to ye commone profet ay tak heyde
Quhen kingis settis yam for prow particulare
The realme sall newir haif honour of ther deide
Dreidis yow to want or quhare of hes thow dreide.
Luf weill yi god him serue et keip iustice
Riches rebondis to men yat ar ryttuise

Quha wald be riche haif ee to honour ay
For riches follouis honour euyr mayr
Till honour wisdome is ye nerest way
And wisdome to wertu is ye verray aere
And vertu cumis euer of sciens and of laire
And sciens cumis onely throu godis grace
Conquest throu gud lif trauale and besynes

Thus sene vertu is ground of alkin grace
And souerane lord of vertu is iustice
As well of worschip and of worthynes
For nane ar saif bot men that ar rihtuise
Hald vertu in yi hart and you be wyse
And in iustice set all yi besy cure
Thi realme sall riche and thou sall neuyr be pure

Quhen rome wes regit be wise senatouris
In iustice and in publik polise
Our all yis erd yai wer lorde and wictouris.
And tuk tribute for souueran seneyori
Bot quhen ye well of iustice wes gane dry
And public prow past in diuisioune
Thar gret glore turnit in dissolatioune