The North American journeys of a diplomat's wife

The journals of Henrietta Liston, 1796—1801

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Discover Henrietta Liston's American journals, written while her Scottish husband was British Minister to the United States from 1796-1801.

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'The first appearance of a New Country is wonderfully amusing'

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Henrietta and Robert Liston travelled extensively and boldly. By stagecoach, canoe, ship, carriage and cart the Listons covered thousands of miles. See their journeys through the United States, Lower Canada and West Indies represented on an interactive map.

16 states

2 Canadian provinces

9 Caribbean islands

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Robert Liston portrait by Gilbert Stuart

Robert Liston

Henrietta Liston portrait by Gilbert Stuart

Henrietta Liston

This influential couple moved in circles that included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

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