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  • Henrietta Liston's journals, 1812-1820 are in-copyright. The Library has made the following works available under ss.7(6)-(7) of the Copyright Act 1956 and Schedule 1 paragraph 16 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988:
    • Letter of Henrietta Liston to Dick Ramage, 6th March 1813 (National Library reference: MS.5640, ff.55-58)
    • Further writings on Constantinople, 1814-1815 (National Library reference: MS.5708)
    • The Turkish Journal, 1812-1814 (National Library reference: MS.5709)
    • Aegean Travels, 1815 (National Library reference: MS.5710)
    • Return to Constantinople, 1817 (National Library reference: MS.5711)
    • Departure from Constantinople, 1820 (National Library reference: MS.5712)

The following images are not covered by this licence:


We are very grateful to Dr Walter Grant Scott and to the American Patrons of the National Library and Galleries of Scotland for their generous support.

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Edinburgh University Press and to the editors of 'Henrietta Liston's Travels: The Turkish Journals, 1812-1820': Patrick Hart, Valerie Kennedy, Özden Mercan and Kenneth Weisbrode.

We would also like to thank:

  • Sarah Bernstein
  • David J Black
  • Andrew Boyd
  • Professor Frank Cogliano, University of Edinburgh
  • Mario Cruzado (film-maker)
  • Geneviève Fabre
  • François Fabre
  • Professor Maureen Freely
  • Dr Patrick Hart, Bilkent University
  • Dr Valerie Kennedy, Bilkent University
  • Professor Donna Landry, University of Kent
  • Dr Louis Kirk McAuley, Washington State University
  • Professor Gerald MacLean, University of Exeter
  • Dr Özden Mercan, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies
  • Kirsty Miller (voiceover artist)
  • Dr Chris Minty, Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Louise V North
  • Professor Stein Haugom Olsen, Bilkent University
  • Paul Benjamin Osterlund
  • Nicola Ramsey, Edinburgh University Press
  • Sara Sheridan
  • Ece Temelkuran
  • Dr Kenneth Weisbrode, Bilkent University
  • Lisa Williams
  • Scott Willis
  • Principal Officer Susan Wilson, U.S. Consulate General Edinburgh.
  • Dr Heather H Yeung, University of Dundee