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The information found in this resource has been gathered through a variety of sources, but is primarily taken from a large number of manuscripts from the Sir Robert Liston Papers at the National Library of Scotland. Descriptions of individuals and events appearing in this resource have also been drawn from a range of standard electronic and printed reference works, including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, the American National Biography, the Oxford English Dictionary, the Dictionary of the Scots Language, the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Catholic Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Islam, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic World, and the Cambridge History of Turkey.

The Turkish journals — further reading

Published by Edinburgh University Press, 'Henrietta Liston's Travels: The Turkish Journals 1812-1820', edited by Patrick Hart, Valerie Kennedy and Dora Petherbridge, offers a modernised, accessible edition of Liston's travel writing about Turkey with supporting critical apparatus, alongside the collection of the digitised manuscripts and semi-diplomatic transcriptions on this website. More about the Turkish journals book

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