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Janet Maule's plumb cake


Janet Maule's plum cake

'To make a Plum Cake'

Take 8 pound of flour and alse (?) many Curranes, 2 ound of reasines stoned and sheared small, 6 pound of fresh butter, a Muchken of sweet Cream, a Muchken of seck, a Muchken of strong barm, mix your seck and barm together, lett it stand a little without stirring, a pound of Corduidron (?), half a pound of orange peill, half ane ounce of Nuttmegg, Mace Cinamon and Cloves of each a Large quarter of ane ounce well betten and shearched (sieved?), half a pound of perfumed carrvies, so make it up to a past, and putt it in your oven, it most bake 3 hours, then take it out and eyce it.

A pound of shearched sugar mixt with your flour lett your butter be melted thick approved by.

Handwritten recipe

From Janet Maule's recipe book, 1701. Probably Panmure.
[Library reference: Acc.12242]

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