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Anonymous plumb cake recipe


Anonymous plumb cake recipe

'To make a plume caike'

Take 7 pounds of flower Then take a pynt of creame and two pounds of butter and melt yor butter in your (?) and put in ane ounce of nutmeg, cloves, mace and cinnamon, Then take a quart of good aile yeast and twentie two egges, Lett your creame be butt milk warme, when you when you [repeated] mingle it, Lett it stand by the fyre 3 quarters of ane Houre Then take six pounds of currants and three pounds of reasines stone your reasines and chop them, plump yor currants and keep them warme by the fyre till yor past[e] be readie to putt them in, which will be when it has stood its tyme at the fyre, and putt in at the same tyme halfe a pound of Loafe sugar, you must remember to put --- into it when you make the past[e]. Then mould it, and you must have --- hup (?) to put it into an paper for the bottom which you mist (?) flower you may soe paper together in the shape of a hup (?) and that will doe and then you must melt butter and dab it with a feather and then put your caike into it and put it into the oven for two hours or more the oven must be very quick

Handwritten recipe

From Recipe book inscribed MIM, late 17th century
[Library reference: MS.15912]

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