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Plumb cake recipe

The recipe shown here from the Fletcher of Saltoun papers called for no less than a peck (nine litres dry weight) of flour, a pound of sugar and 12 eggs. This large cake may well have been baked in a bread oven.

The cake was enriched with 'half a mutchkin of brandy'. The mixture was then worked well together and 'corduidron' or preserved quince was added, along with currants, orange peel, blanched almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and caraway seed.

The source for this recipe for plumb ('plum') cake is given as Mrs Johnston's cookery book.

Handwritten recipe

'To make a plumb cake', from the Fletcher of Saltoun family recipes, 18th century. By permission of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun.

Culinary and household recipes of the Fletcher of Saltoun family, 18th century. [Library reference: MS.17853]

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Desserts and baking