Wullie's Scots

Here ur some links for lairnin more aboot Oor Wullie, Scots language, an the poet that inspired the original strip, Robert Burns.

DC Thompson logo

DC Thomson

Publisher o the 'Oor Wullie' and 'The Broons' comic strips that first appeared in 'The Sunday Post' in 1936. They hae since become twa o the maist successful comic books in publishing history.

NLS logo

National Library of Scotland

The warld's leading centre fur the study o Scotland an the Scots. It contains a treasure trove o Scotland's knowledge, history an culture.
Here's a wee introduction tae some of the Scots language material we hae.

Burns Birthplace Museum Logo

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

Part o the National Trust fur Scotland, the museum offers a truly unique encounter wi Scotland's favourite son an hooses the world's maist important collection o Robert Burns' life an works.

Scots Language Centre Logo

Scots Language Centre

An essential resource fur lairnin mair aboot the history o Scots. Ye can explore Scots sang, poetry, read blogs an find oot mair aboot the origins o Scots.

Scots Language Dictionaries Logo

Scottish Language Dictionaries

Scotland's leadin lexicographic organisation, researchin Scots language. Their core project is the online 'Dictionary of the Scots Language'. SLD engages collaboratively wi cultural organisations, education providers an community groups in its outrax work.