Abo0t the Oor Wullie site

A ken it's hard tae believe but teachers sometimes say I dinnae pay attention – aye well, that's because there's no enough lessons on interesting things like puddocks and great battles n' siclike.

Take time tae look at awthing on this site and ye'll understand whit rare fun ye can hae learnin and playin wi' oor Scots language. You can use some awfy braw words like 'drookit' and 'scunner' …

P.S. Dinnae cry oniebodie a scunner until ye ken whit it means.

Ah'm fed up! I never get ony fun here. Oor Wullie's decided tae help wi ma Scots language lessons an aims tae mak it muckle fun for primarily pupils sae it leuks like a micht be oot o a job soon.

There's plenty tae keep ye busy here, all sorts o online and offline activities fur lairnin Scots wirds as ye go. There's also links tae other useful resources for ye tae carry on yer lairnin. Wullie's even got the fowk at the National Library o Scotland tae draw up a list o Scots poems, buiks an other readin sae there's nae tellin where it'll end!