Here are some wirds tae help ye get stertit lairnin Scots. Ye can hear whit the wird soons like first in Scots an than in English. Ye can read whit the wird means an how it can be yaised in a sentence anaw.

Awfie/Awfy Bampot Blether Boggin Braw Breeks Cannie/Canny Clarty Crabbit Drookit Fankle Fantoosh Gey Gowk Greet Halliracket Honkin Keek Lang Lowp Muckle Oxters Pawkies Sair Shoogle

Awfie/Awfy awful

(adjective) awful, shocking; ugly; remarkable; difficult; (adverb) very, great.
'It's an awfie cold day'.

Bampot fool

(noun) foolish person.
'Wullie is nae bampot'.

Blether chat

(verb) talk foolishly or too much.
'Why does ma sister blether sae much?'

Boggin horrible

(adjective) dirty; disgusting; smelly; stinking.
'That pond in the park is boggin!'

Braw fine

(adjective) fine; very good; excellent.
'Fish suppers are braw!'

Breeks trousers

(noun) trousers; underpants, knickers.
'My ma bought me a new pair o' breeks'.

Cannie/Canny clever

(adjective) wise; careful; cautious.
'That Primrose is one cannie lass'.

Clarty dirty

(adjective) dirty; filthy.
'I fell aff ma bike an noo I'm clarty'.

Crabbit angry

(adjective) bad-tempered; angry; cross.
'Ma wee sister can be crabbit sometimes'.

Drookit soaked

(adjective) drenched; soaked.
'I got totally drookit on ma wey hame fae the scuil'.

Fankle tangle

(noun) a tangle; a mix up.
'The lassie's hair was all in a fankle'.

Fantoosh fancy, showy

(adjective) flashy; showy.
'My neighbour can be a wee bit fantoosh'.

Gey large amount

(adverb) good-sized amount; large amount.
'A gey load o folk at the pairty'.

Gowk stare

(verb) stare or gaze foolishly.
'Dinnae stand there and gowk at thon man'.

Greet cry

(verb) sob or weep.
'I didnae want tae greet when I fell aff my bike'.

Halliracket wild

(adjective) noisy, wild, crazy.
'The young lad doon the road is halliracket'.

Honkin smelly

(adjective) stinky.
'That dug was honkin after it came home'.

Keek peep

(noun) a peep or glance.
'I'll take a quick keek tae see whit's for lunch'.

Lang long

(adjective) long length of something; tall.
'That book was too lang to read'.

Lowp leep

(verb) leap, spring, jump, bounce.
'Did you see that rabbit lowp across the field?'

Muckle large

(adjective) something of a large size or bulk; very large; big; great size.
'That's a muckle lorry going past'.

Oxters armpits

(noun) underarms.
'Oxters can be awfie tickly places'.

Pawkies mittens

(noun) gloves or mittens having one compartment only for all the fingers and one for the thumb.
'I left ma pawkies at home and had cold hauns aw day'.

Sair sore

(adjective) causing pain or distress.
'I was sair in need of ma supper after swimming aw day'.

Shoogle shake

(verb) sway, move unsteadily; to rock, wobble, swing.
'Did you see that street lamp shoogle wi all the wind the day?'