Oor Scots, yer Scots, the National Library of Scotland’s Scots

Andrew Martin at National Library Scotland

Andrew Martin, National Library of Scotland Literature and the Arts Curator

The National Library of Scotland is Scotland's lairgest library so it is nae surprise that is whar ye wull find aw the buiks that hae bin publisht in Scots.

We ettle tae hae aw buiks scrievit in Scots whither new or auld, and aw buiks scrievit aboot Scots, whaurivver they are publisht. In coorse we hiv Oor Wullie and The Broons bit mair tae.

Tak tent an hae a neb at the National Library of Scotland collections.

Oor collections include buiks, manuscripts, sangs, maps, soon recording, an film.

Here's a wee introduction tae some of the material we hae aboot Scots an in Scots.

Ye micht wint tae listen tae an auld Scots sang or ballad

Tak tent tae Makars frae the auld days

Dowie tales frae

Ye wull ken this yin

But why no gie these yins a go

These gleg Scottish scrievers yaise English an Scots

Lichtsome wirds o poetry

Kenspeckle wirds

Guid man wi smeddum

Braw plays in Scots

Fir the bairns

Weel kent bit noo publisht in Scots

Scrievers theday

Scrievers frae Shetland

Guid reads an aw

Mair aboot Scots

The National Library of Scotland his wittens aboot so monie guid Scots buiks an Scottish scrievers, hae a leuk!

Ony questions? Ask away. Speir oot Andrew Martin, Curator, Literature and the Arts a.martin@nls.uk