William Dunbar: The Ballade of Lord Bernard Stewart   (Page 5 of 8)

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(p.173) Throw Scotland ingland france and lumbardy
Fleys on weyng thi fame and thi renoune
And our all cuntreis wndirnethe the sky
And our all strandis fro the sterris doune
In euery province land and regioune
Proclamit is thi name of excellence.
In euery Cete village and in toune
Withe gloire and honour lawd and reuerence

O feyrse Achill in furius hie curage
O strong invincible Hector vndir scheilde
O vailyeant arthur in knyghtli vassalage
Agamenon in gouernance of feild
Bold Henniball in batall to do beild
Iulius in iupert in wisdom and expence
Most fortunable chiftane bothe in yhouth & eild
To the be honour lawde and reuerence

At parlament thow suld be hye renownit
That did so mony victoryse opteyn
Thi cristall helme with lawry suld be crownyt
And in thi hand a branche of olyve greyn
The sueird of conquis and of knyghteid keyn
Be borne suld highe before the in presence
To represent sic man as thou has beyn
With glorie and honour lawde & reuerence