De regimine principum bonum consilium   (Page 3 of 8)

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(p.103) And cheise na man for hye lordschip na blud
Na gret power of riches to counsale
Bot be electione chose of men of gud
Quhilk god and man plesis ther gouuernail
That hes ye vocis of all ye commounis haill
To luf gud lawte iustice and prudens
And knaw_ of gud lif and gud consciens

Think one yat you mone gif a tribute compte.
And ansuere for yi Iuge and yi sell
And wat not quhen you sal be summond
For to comper quhare you sall langest duell
Quhar na reward sall be bot heuin or hell
Thar sall na man be ransonyt for na ger
Bot euerilk man sall his awin cherge beyr

Now tak not all ye burdin one yi bak
With speciall counsale in to preuete
Gif it beis ill you sall haif all ye lak
youth it be weill small honour is to the
For euer ye proffit of communite
Is put one bak quhen sic men hes ye cure
And euyr yi crowne is indegent and pure

Thus may you se be suche experiens
Be folkis yat hes yi gudis for to spende
Thai ger ye trow yow may not mak dispense
One yi houshald not half a yere till ende
Bot in hunting et sornyng yai ye sende
One lordis et one abbais here et yare
Thai by lordschippis bot yow art alweis baire