Project Blaster

Project stages

  1. 1What am I going to do?

    In this stage Project Blaster helps you decide on the topic of your project. It also helps you decide on your goals.

  2. 2What am I looking for?

    Information, of course! But what kind of information? What are the sources of information? How do I do research? This stage shows you how to find things out for yourself.

  3. 3Where do I look?

    Information is all around us. In school. At home. In places we visit. On the internet. This stage helps you to identify the information you need for your project.

  4. 4How do I gather and record information?

    There’s a lot to remember when it comes to gathering useful information. This stage shows you how to capture and organise everything in a useful way.

  5. 5How do I select the best information?

    By now you will have a great variety of information. This stage helps you select the bits you need to create something of your own, whether individually or in groups.

  6. 6Blast off!

    You’ve found all the information you need. You’re just like a rocket builder who has all the pieces they require. Now it’s time to build it and blast off! By following all the stages so far, you’re almost there already. Stage 6 will help you finish the job.

    Remember, you can go back to an earlier stage of the project at any time if you feel you need to do more work there. When you’re done, just jump forward again.

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