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4. How do I gather and record information?

...So I know where I might look for a source...

...but how do I actually get my hands on the material?


How do I get at the source?


Recording My Project! How do I record what I hear or see

My project

How to organise the information
you found

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This stage shows you how to gather information or, how to gather your research. There are many places you can gather and record information. For example, from people, places, books and the internet. This stage shows you how to organise and record the information for your project.

The checklist will help you organise your research.


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    Class Discussion - Getting hold of the information you need

    You can gather and record information from people, places, books and online. This can be a lot of fun.

    You need to organise visits to useful places by contacting them and arranging how to get there. You also need to be prepared by taking the right things with you. The same goes for getting someone from outside to come to your class and talk to you.

    Even books and websites need some preparation. The pages of a book and the internet can be difficult and boring places to be if you don’t know your way around. So have a group discussion to work out how to organise things and how to prepare. Use the resources here to help you.

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    Gathering and Organising - books, websites, people and places

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    Organising your research checklist (PDF download - 650kb)

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    Gathering your material checklist (PDF download - 500kb)