Project Blaster

About Project Blaster

Teachers + Pupils + Research Project

The aim of Project Blaster is to help pupils develop basic research and critical thinking skills. To help them carefully assess information and learn how to use sources selectively to support an argument or carry out an activity. It is designed to be used by teachers with the whole classroom or individually in groups/pairs. It is optimised for use on an electronic whiteboard but can also be used offline by printing off each stage activity.

About Allan Burnett

Allan Burnett writes books about amazing inventions, world war adventures and blood-spattered Scottish history. He also works with schools to create really interesting projects that boost pupils’ interest and skills in reading and writing, researching and presenting. Born and raised in the Outer Hebrides and now based in Edinburgh, Allan travels far and wide to meet new people and work on new projects.

About the National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland (NLS) is Scotland’s largest research library housing millions of books, manuscripts, and maps. It is the world’s leading centre of the study of Scotland and the Scots, and also holds material relating to global history and culture. The Scottish Screen Archive, which locates, preserves and provides access to Scotland’s moving image heritage, is also part of NLS.

Learning opportunities include free public events and lectures, online learning resources and a regular programme of free exhibitions.