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Literal translation : —
The heir (or chief^ of the Mackenziea will take
A v'hite rook out of the wood,
And will take a wife from a music house (dancing saloon),
With his people against him !
And the heir will be great
In deeds and as an orator,
When the Pope in Rome
Will be thrown off his throne.
Over opposite Crearj-a-Oioiv
Will dwell a diminutive lean tailor,
Also Foolish James as the laird.
And Wise James as a measurer,
Who will ride without a bridle
The wild colt of his choice ;
But foolish pride without sense [goat ;
Will put in the place of the seed of the deer the seed of the
And the beautiful Black Isle will fall
Under the management of the fishermen of Avoch.
We have not learnt that any of the Eosehaugh
Mackenzies has yet taken a white rook from the woods;
nor have we heard anything suggested as to what this
part of the prophecy may refer to. We are, however,
credibly informed that one of the late Mackenzies of
Eosehangh had taken his wife from a music saloon in
one of our southern cities, and that his people were very
much against him for so doing. One of them. Sir
George, no douht was " great in deeds and as an ora-
tor," but we fail to discover any connection between
the time in which he lived and the time " when the
Pope in Bome will be thrown off his throne." We
were unable in the first edition to suggest the meaning
of the first six lines of the last stanza, but Mr Mac-

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