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' Early Gaelic Book Collections ' contains the following 5 items:

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(1) Ossian Collection [ID: 76750236]

Selected books from the Ossian Collection of 327 volumes, originally assembled by J. Norman Methven of Perth. Different editions and translations of James MacPherson's epic poem 'Ossian', some with a map of the 'Kingdom of Connor'. Also secondary material relating to Ossianic poetry and the Ossian controversy.

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(2) J. F. Campbell Collection [ID: 76750237]

Volumes from a collection of 610 books rich in Highland folklore, Ossianic literature and other Celtic subjects. Many of the books annotated by John Francis Campbell of Islay, who assembled the collection.

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(3) Hew Morrison Collection [ID: 76750238]

A selection of items from a collection of 320 volumes and 30 pamphlets of literary and religious works in Scottish Gaelic. From the personal library of Hew Morrison, the first City Librarian of Edinburgh.

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(4) Matheson Collection [ID: 76750239]

Items from a collection of 170 volumes relating to Gaelic matters. Mainly philological works in the Celtic and some non-Celtic languages. Some books extensively annotated by Angus Matheson, the first Professor of Celtic at Glasgow University.

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(5) Blair Collection [ID: 76750240]

A selection of books from a collection of more than 500 titles, mostly on religious and literary topics. Also includes some material dealing with other Celtic languages and societies. Collection created towards the end of the 19th century by Lady Evelyn Stewart Murray.