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dale) seems, in his own quaint way, to have entered into
the spirit of this prophecy, when he compared the train,
as it first passed through this district, to the funeral of
" Old Nick." Tradition gives another version, viz. : —
" That after four successive dry summers, a fiery cha-
riot shall pass through the ' Blar Dubh,' " which has
been very literally fulfilled. Coinneach Odhar was not
the only person that had a view beforehand of this rail-
way line, for it is commonly reported that a man resid-
ing in the neighbourhood of Beauly, gifted with second-
sight, had a vision of the train moving along in all its
headlong speed, when he was on his way home one dark
autumn night, several years before the question of
forming a railway in those parts was mooted.
Here are two other Gaelic stanzas having undoubted
reference to the Mackenzies of Rosehaugh :—
Bheir Tanaistear Chlann Choinnich
Rocus ban as a choille ;
'S bheir e ceile bho tigh-ciuil
Le a mhnintitir 'na aghaidh ;
'S gum bi' 11 Tanaistear mor
Ann an gniomh 's an ceann-Iabhairt,
'Nuair bhios am Pap' anns an Roimh
Air a thilgeadh dheth chathair,
Thall fa chomhar Creag-a-Ohodh
Comhnuichidh taillear caol odhar ;
'S Seumas gorach mar tighearn,
'S Sen mas glic mar f hear-tomhais —
A mharcaicheas gun srian
Air loth f hiadhaich a roghainn ;
Ach cuiridh mor-chuis gun chiall
'N aite siol nam fiadh siol nan gobhar ;
'S tuitidh an t-Eilean-dubh briagha
Fiiidh riaghladh iasgairean Atich.

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