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Neufarium fcrotiforme f. inflato-didymum pone
iride 2, SATYRIUM biilbis palmatis, foliis oblongis obtu-
fis, nedarii labio linear! trifido, lacinia intermedia
obfoleta. Sp. pi. 1337. (Vaill. paris, t. 31./. 6,
-; 7, 8. Lots. Prnfs. 182 /. 59. Seg. veron. p. 133.
^' t. i^.f. 18. fores, t. 16./. 18. pla7it. Haikr. hi}.
1269. /. 26. O^^. D^;/. /. 77, ^^/.j
Frog Satyrion- Anglis.
In dry hilly paftures not uncommon. We obferv'd
it in 'Jura^ near Mr. Campbell's, in If,a, CoJonfa^
and %, &c. %. VI. VII.
The ftalk is about fix or eight inches high : the
lower leaves oval : the flowers are of a green ifh,
and of a dull red colour, growing in
a thin fpike, two or three inches long : the brac-
tts are lanceolate, and longer than the germen :
the petals all connive, and form sl galea over the
Jlamina : the lip is plane, ligulate, of the length
of the germen, wideft at the extremity and bi-
fid, with a Ihort triangular mucro in the middle,
between the fegments : the fpur is very fmall,
oval, didymous, and about i-i2th of an inch
'bidum 3 . SATYRIUM bulbis fafciculatis, foliis lanceolatis,
nectarii labio trifido acuto, lacinia intermedia
obtufa. Sp. pL 1338. {Michel, gen. t. 26./. A.
B. C. Uall hifi. i2yo. f. 26. Oed. dan. t. \ 15.) '

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