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White Satyrion. Jnglis.
In dry mountainous paliures not very uncommoii.
We obferved it at the Ifthmus of Tarhat^ in Can-
tire, in ArgyLfmre ; in the i(le of Arrmu near
Loch- Ran/a, &c. in Jura, on a dry hilly pafture
near Mr. Ca-nipbeU's, in Ijla, Colon/a and ^kye,
in fimilar places. "U. VI. VII.
1 he root confuls of fix or eight long tap-fhap'd
folid radicles : the ftalk is about ten inches high :
the fpike is about three inclies long, cylindrical
and thick {ti with numerous fmali v/hitifh de-
flexed flowers : the Braciece are lanceolate, and
rather longer than the : the petals are
white, and connive into the form of a galea, the
fide ones longed : the lip of the 7ie^arium is
green, and divided into three acute fegments, the
middle one largeft : the fpur is white, about half
(he length of xh^ germ en, obtufe at the end, and
recurved, but not didynious, as the generic cha-
i:a(5lt;r requires.
SATYRIUM bulbis hbrofis, follis ovatis radica-
libus, floribus fecundis. Sp. pi. 1339. {Ger. em,
227. /. 4. Loes. priijj'. 210. /. 6'^. Halkr. hiji.
1595. tab. 22. Tre'vo. Lit. Ncrimb. anus. 173^.
hebd. ^1. p. 439. /. 6./. 7. bofja. ^ fig. yiojl.)
Creeping Satyrion. Ai^giis.
In old mofTy v.'oods, but very rare. We found it
growing amongft the Hypna, in an old fnady
mpift hanging birch wood, called, in the Erjs
^^'^gVi2ge, Ca-bue, or Tellow-biU, facing the houfe

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